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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Dreams Stream On 16th Feb

Edit: new stream this Friday:

I CANNOT wait:

Be here!!!

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The PS5 Exists. 

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The PS5 Exists. 

Give it to me!

good news, I love to watch them create

hopefully Dreams will be a success, I'll certainly try to realize some of the game ideas I have

I loved all their other streams so I'll definitely be watching these!

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Livesteaming the games they make at the jam?

Thank flipping goodness. Can finally show off actual games rather than just creation and random tech demo esque projects.

I'm just waiting for the Beta, and more so, PSVR support. Can't wait to see what the community and other developers end up making with this engine. Of course I will be looking for Mario, Mario Kart, Halo, and Gears rip offs, and other classics that have yet to be remastered. Maybe our good friend will finally get LoD.

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Nice. I'm def interested in seeing more on this game.

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That's so exciting! I'll 100% be watching these.

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Cool I guess. Happy for those excited for the game.