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Forums - General Discussion - Is my English really that bad?

Just took a look into some of my first posts on this website. I realized that my English really sucked back in the day. Even at the point where it's embarrassing to reread them. So I want to know from you guys if my English nowadays is good enough to be understood (I know that I haven't posted much recently but still) or does it still suck? Thx ^^

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No, your English is just fine.
Everyone can (or should) understand you easily.

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the only thing i wouldn't have said in above is:
"So I want to know from you guys if my English..."
i would have just written
"So I want to know if my English..."

cause.. it is kind of redundant and has a strange flow..

but that's nitpicking, and just how I would have 'said it'..

Edit: Don't think you will have issues with getting understood in English whatsoever

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What was that shit. I don't know wtf you just wrote. It's horrible. Stop commenting.

jk It's fine lol

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It's better than some native speakers.

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Ka-pi96 said:

It's better than some native speakers.

You just had to single me out didn't you? XD

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's alright.

I don't remember your other posts (meaning they probably didn't stick out too badly), but at least this one's quite easy to understand. There's at least one fairly obvious mistake but it doesn't make it any harder to understand.