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I am quite certain that at one point (2019 or 2020) Nintendo will announce a Switch without a docking station. In my opinion there is a smaller chance that Nintendo will also release a stationary Switch. The name "Switch" would make no sense for either device (like it made no sense to call the 2DS 3DS without any 3D). How would you name them?

And to make things even more interesting: Let's say Sony and Microsoft decide to copy the Switch concept with their current consoles. How should they name these hardware revisions?

My suggestions:

Switch handheld: Nintendo Strike

Stationary Switch: Nintendo Voyage

PS4 Switch: PS4 Shift

XB1 Switch: XB1 Swap

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What if the PS4 Switch is just the PS5?

Will never happen. Unlike the 3D option for the 3DS the docking feature is key to the success.

The Switch Pocket

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Switch Dolphin.

Doesn't the Switch already come without a docking station?

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Switch mini

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PS4 Portable.
Yeah, really.

Home consoles will eventually be small enough to carry in your pocket. That has always been the future. It's not about copying, it's just about who will get there first. We've known that for decades.

That being said, I hope Playstation stays away from the hybrid model and instead aims at dedicated devices with a shared library. It might be more expensive for those who want both options but a dedicated home console would still offer a superior environment for those not interested in handhelds.

Playstation Portable oh wait.....

Sony Aria

Xbox Kin