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Regardless of how you feel, the markets are pretty bullish on cardboard.

 News by Matt Kim01/19/2018.

Love it or hate it, it's safe to say nobody predicted Nintendo Labo. The Kyoto company's line of cardboard-based DIY toys have taken the internet by storm. While online reactions are still pretty varied, the financial sector has spoken in favor of Labo to the tune of an extra $1.4 billion added to Nintendo's value.  

Nintendo's worth jumped by an additional 2.4 percent, which roughly translates to $1.4 billion in value. That's on top of the incredible success the Switch has added to Nintendo's value since the hybrid console was announced last year. This marks a seven-week high for the company.  

According to a report by the Financial Times, analyst David Gibson called Labo "exactly the kind of crazy idea that Nintendo are known for which we believe will help expand the company's audience." Gibson predicts that Labo will move between 1-2 million units, which would be about $45-$90 million in profits. 

Nintendo Labo is a surprising venture for the company. Part DIY toycraft, part Nintendo Switch peripheral, Labo combines the two in a unique, and very Nintendo-like fashion. Two sets will go on sale on April 20,


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Nintendo's share have risen more 4.2% and hit an almost ten-year high following the reveal of its Labo concept.

Nintendo Labo is a toys-to-life style Switch project, which combines the Switch hardware with DIY cardboard models to create new gameplay experience. The concept is targeted at younger gamers, although judging by the online reaction, is going to appeal quite broadly.

We're not entirely convinced by its commercial potential (although it does look great), but Nintendo shareholders clearly are. At the time of writing, Nintendo's share price is the highest it has been since 2008 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It currently sits at ¥48,320, which is the highest since September 2008, during the initial comedown of the Wii and DS.

In fact, over the last 12 months - which includes the initial reveal of Switch - Nintendo's share price has risen by more than 100%.

Labo was showcased via a short video on Wednesday night as Nintendo's big launch for the first half of 2018. It headlines a packed line-up of first-party Switch games for the next six months, include more gamer-friendly products such as Bayonetta 1 + 2, Kirby Star Allies, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Tennis Aces.

Other Switch games that are expected to arrive includes a new Yoshi title and a Pokémon game.

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Wonder how far it will drop after the first kid dies from a paper cut.

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There's no way to indicate that the Labo reveal is the cause of that lol... It also rose 2 percent on january 10th with no apparent news to cause that. Same thing on january 4th. Could be because of Labo, or it could just be because of a bullish sentiment for Nintendo overall.

Nice to see an exquisite idea turning into value added.

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Labo will outperform BotW in generated revenue.

caffeinade said:
Labo will outperform BotW in generated revenue.

I highly doubt that.

newwil7l said:
caffeinade said:
Labo will outperform BotW in generated revenue.

I highly doubt that.

BotW selling 10 million units will generate about 600,000,000 USD in revenue.
Factoring in Amiibo and DLC, BotW would hit about a billion dollars at the high end.

Labo has very strong casual buzz from what I am seeing.
I would not be suprised to see Labo sell 15 million units lifetime.
15 million units LT, right now: feels like a safe bet.
Given that Labo has a much higher price tag, when compared to a traditional piece of software ($70 USD for the variety pack, and $80 USD for the Robot): it will be easy for Labo to reach over a billion dollars in total lifetime revenue.

Labo also has the ability to generate revenue by selling "skins" to the "player".
Nintendo is offering aesthetic "microtransactions" in the form of customisation kits.
$10 USD, thanks.
Who knows what else Nintendo has in store for Labo.

A company that can get away with selling almost literal trash to the audiences can not be beat. A bunch of carboard... So weird.
I think Nintendo had the idea when they saw people butying Nintendo related cardboard boxes on e-bay.

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