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We're Finally Getting a Wireless PS4 Pad Without a Light Bar

The Hori Onyx allows you to play on PS4 without having an annoying Light Bar reflection on the TV.

Sony is happy to support alternative gamepads for the PS4, with the most recent being the officially-licensed Mini Wired Gamepad from Hori. It's built specifically for younger gamers with smaller hands, but it is a wired controller. If you want wireless, then the DualShock 4 remained the only real choice, that is, until today.

Once again, Hori is set to offer another officially-licensed PS4 controller called the Onyx, only this time it's a full-size gamepad and it's wireless. It also solves one of the biggest frustrations with the DualShock 4, at least for this gamer, by not including a Light Bar. The other key difference is the configuration of the thumbsticks, which are asymmetrical like you find on the Xbox One controller.

Sony initially developed the Light Bar on the DualShock 4 for PlayStation VR, but it is also used to identify players, used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera to judge position and movement, and can provide player feedback in certain games. You can't turn it off when not in use, though, and therefore it will get reflected in your TV or light up a dark room.

he Hori Onyx solves that problem by simply not using a light bar. The pad is also much rounder than the DualShock 4 and moves the Share and Options buttons below the touch pad. It makes for a more traditional layout and potentially easier to quickly move a thumb to press one of them. There is no speaker built into the pad, but it does include dual vibration motors for force feedback. As for price, expect it to mirror DualShock 4 pricing, so around $45.

For now, the Onyx looks to be limited to a European release, but that doesn't mean it won't see a release in the US at some point. The Mini Wired Gamepad is available in the US, so hopefully the Onyx follows it over soon.

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To bad that the analog placement is switched, otherwise I would have bought a pair.

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hunter_alien said:
To bad that the analog placement is switched, otherwise I would have bought a pair.

This is also the one issue I have with the controller.  I prefer the sticks lined up, NOT staggered.  It feels more natural.

Looks terrible unfortunately

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I can't get behind having the D-pad placed there. For browsing menus, sure, but not for things like fighting games.
Sony should just allow us to turn off the light sensor in a future update. They only let us dim the brightness so far.
Although I don't notice a reflection, but I'd like to turn it off to conserve battery life.

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Um looks like a 360 controller

Was hoping for a DS4 redesign and not a Hori pad.

Looks like if the Xbox One controller and Switch Pro Controller had a baby, but they were constantly smoking, drinking, and doing drugs while pregnant, which severely impacted the physical development of the embryo and eventual fetus, resulting in... that.

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