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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Shenmue III shows some lovely new screenshots

A press conference in Paris for MAGIC 2018 has opened with some new screenshots from Shenmue III. MAGIC itself takes place on February 24th at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Yu Suzuki will be there to discuss the upcoming game and sign autographs.

The first is the main characters Ryo Hazuki and Ling Shenhua walking in an outdoor environment, and the remaining two screenshots are from city areas; one is of a row of boats, while the other appears to be a Chinese marketplace.


hi-res: 1920x1080

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Glad to see something about the game. It looks great!

Much more polished. Some of that early footage was a bit concerning.

Looking good, although I still don't like Ryo's face... then again I never have, lol.

the facial expression looks better, but all I want them to fix is the damn logo!

i want them to fix it back into this.

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Nice to see it making some progress. This isn't for me, as although I made an effort, both on the Dreamcast and Xbox, didn't like the first two games. But yeah, good to see it improving for the passionate fanbase this series has.

Chinese food for breakfast


Hopefully we get a release date this year. Or a really good trailer.

I really hope this doesn't disappoint. A lot of people don't trust kickstarter nowadays.

This looks quite nice...but why is his head so small?

Still a way to go before it's finished.