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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Labo-Nintendo's VR?

Today Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Labo, a weird product no one could have possibly predicted.  Basically a bunch of cardboard contractions which the Switch and joycons can be put into to simulate a bunch of different things.  My first reaction was 'wth is this?'  But then I saw the switch powering a remote controlled joycon-cardboard bot and what looks like a VR-like giant robot game, and things started to click.  While I've been impressed by the HD rumble on the joycons, this seems to take that concept to the next level, and there are points that look like a more kid-friendly and low-tech version of VR.  I don't know what to think about this.  It's so out there that it could be great or terrible and there's no way to tell until we can actually try it out.  But I don't think Nintendo is just charging $70 for cheap cardboard.  There's a lot more to this.

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They’ve just stated in an interview that they’re not thinking about it, because they’re not sure it would be someone for everyone.

I sure hope they make Mario Kart VR available on the other VR systems. 

Changed title to Labo-Nintendo's VR to make it clear what the OP is about.

Yeah, VR came to my mind when I saw that robot thing.

Let's wait and see.

This isn't VR at all.

The Labo kits cost $70 each because the necessary game to play is included.

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We do need to know more. But a lot of potential here. Interactivity throughout.

I dont think theres VR. Just clever marketing.

this is just an extension of their motion gaming.

It just reminds me of the google cardboard

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RolStoppable said:
This isn't VR at all.

The Labo kits cost $70 each because the necessary game to play is included.


You win Rol!!!

Exactly. The package costs $70 because it is a game.

I mean, it's not VR. Because the kid is still looking at a TV to play the game. It's really just motion control games with cardboard accessories.

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