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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Labo-ratory: VGC OFFICIAL Labo Thread (Vehicle Kit out now)

Combining video gaming with DIY construction, Nintendo Labo uses player-assembled cardboard peripherals in conjunction with Switch's hardware features to enable "a new interactive experience specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart."


Kits 1 and 2, pictured above, will release alongside the software itself on the 20th of April.

So, what do you guys think?

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Hmm. Definitely something for young kids. Like they said it was going to be duh.

Not for me. Pass.

I will buy all of them as long as they are 5-10 dollars each and I do not have to wait in a line at midnight to beat out 100 other people for the four some store was shipped.

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It is absolutely brilliant.

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Not for me. It's admirable they are trying something unique.

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no interest in it whatsoever, but i'm sure will appeal to some. racing and music looked the coolest to me

success will hinge on the price of each cardboard item

Not for me but definitely very interesting and look perfect for kids.

Actually with good marketing it could be a surprising hit. I would of never guessed this, im actually only interested in the robot one as that might be miyamoto project robo that was cancelled on wiiu

I don't think that's what some people meant when they asked Nintendo to think inside the box for a change

It's not Super Smash Bros. Melee HD.

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