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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Three New Nintendo Selects for NA Announced for Feb 3rd

Now will be priced at $20USD / $30CAD. Anyone going to get these games if they haven't already?

A Link Between Worlds

Super Mario 3D Land

Ultimate NES Remix

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Saw thread title and was like "Nintendo selects for Switch already!?" Am now disappointed. Maybe I'll get ALBW but meh.

Finally, been waiting for ALBW to go Selects...Europe got it like 2 years ago.

Link between worlds is possible.

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I think we've had those in Europe for ages...

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Anyone who hasn't yet picked up Link Between Worlds definitely should do so when these launch...

Have a nice day...

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Finally, been waiting for ALBW to go Selects...Europe got it like 2 years ago.

Still waiting for animal crossing over here though.

I am waiting for a few different titles!


Looking at Albw, I can't stop thinking how this one and BotW are so similar in giving a lot of freedom to players.

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Everyone should get Zelda. It is only like 15-20 hours but its fun and replayable. Just don't expect it to be as good as A Link to the Past. If you haven't played A Link to the Past then play that first

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