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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GOD OF WAR 16 min of gameplay

everytime seeing this game in action, the hype rises😀

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Watching now! THANKS!

edit: It's just a mashup of footage we've already seen. :(


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I can't get the image of Lebron as Kratos off anymore dang it, anyways, day one(I hope).


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Not a fan of the 3rd person gameplay. I prefer the zoomed out combat. This might be the first GoW I'll skip.

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I hope this kind of thread should be created in Sony section since this is exclusive for Playstation.

Sadly no new footage but it's still always a pleasure to watch this beautiful game!

Wow the kid is annoying. And the constant "Yes sir" just comes across as pathetic. A child can still be respectful without resorting to calling someone sir. Just as they can call you sir and be disrespectfu at the same time. It's 2018 sir isn't needed anywhere. We aren't uneducated serfs.

any word on release date yet?

V-r0cK said:
any word on release date yet?

I read on Resetera. The leaked info. is March 22 or 28. I will double check that.