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It seems that after 400 years we might be entering a new phase of diminished solar activity, potentially a repetition of the Maunder Minimum from the 17. century or at least the Dalton Minimum. The Modern Maximum that lasted until about 2015 is now beyond us.

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The Maunder Minimum came with the Little Ice Age in the 17. century and sunspot activity is weakly correlated with volcanic activity on earth:

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Hm. Interesting. The NASA link does a nice job of explaining things succinctly. Will check out the Wikipedia link later. Watching UFC: St.Louis at the moment. :)

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Ok. What exactly does that mean? Are we all going to DIE DIE DIE?!

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So the greenhouse effect will be less problematic?

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I am waiting for the flat earth society to put out there numbers and predicitons... NOT, arf!

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As far as I'm aware of, we still know relatively little about what causes the longer solar cycles (the 11-year cycle is apparently cause by the polarity of the sun's magnetic field flipping about every 11 years).

Everything indicates we are entering in a new minimum which can result in a mini ice age.

Zoombael said:
Ok. What exactly does that mean? Are we all going to DIE DIE DIE?!

That user was banned from this site years ago I believe. 


So after human cause the largest mass extinction since the comet or Astroid killed the dinosaurs we are all about to die from cold?

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DonFerrari said:
So the greenhouse effect will be less problematic?

Well of course not. The newer models of greenhouse effect shows that the climate is actually cooling because of it.

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