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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you like Dark Souls and are a multiconsole owner with a Switch, portability or 60fps?

If you own a PS4/Switch (or Xbox or Steam) and are interested in the upcoming remaster of Dark Souls, is your priority the portability offered by the Switch version (but with 30fps) or the 60fps offered by the other systems ( with the added bonus of 4K resolution, upscaled on PS4Pro and XboxOneX, native on PC)?

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Going to get the remaster on PS4 at some point. Portability doesn't really mean much to me in general.

I played Bloodborne at 30fps 1080p. Not bothered with it at all. The Switch portable version is it for me.

I will buy it first on PS4 beacuse I mostly play on TV, but I will buy it later on Switch also beacuse portability and to support Dark Souls on Nintendo platform.

At the moment, Switch is the only version of the game I'm interested in. (Have it on PC, and had it on PS3)

I will also get it on PC if/when enough of my friends get it or it hits $15.

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It's a tough call but if I only could buy one version it be the ps4 simple due to the additional benefit of the ps4 pro but I'll more than likely get a switch copy as well.

I'll get it for PS4, as that is my console of choice for multiplats.

Switch version, portability is way over 60 fps

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That’s actually a tough call. I think I’d have to pick the PS4 version, in part because of 60 FPS and in part because it would look great on the shelf next to DS2 and DS3 for PS4

It would be awesome to have a version of Dark Souls I can play anywhere though...

Who knows; maybe I’ll get both eventually.

Portability here

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