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There has been quite a bit of talk of a second Nintendo Direct coming in the next couple weeks, based on all Nintendo Direct Minis having been followed by a second full Nintendo Direct (or a second mini) within 1 to 20 days.




I predict the full direct will be somewhere between January 18th and January 25th.

This will coincide with a large shipment of Nintendo Switch hardware and software to Japan to disrupt any momentum PS4 might push with Monster Hunter World on January 26th.

With a surprise game available that very day just to add a little extra boost to demand (which just means the Switch will sellout of its shipment in less hours than a non-release week)

What fun theories does everyone have for this?

Do you think we will see a second Nintendo Direct this month?


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I think there is a good chance. If not in January then we should see one in February.

I would like to, there is so much information we need going in the new Year and it is kinda sad to begin it without any big announcements. I don't really think there will be one but it's kinda odd to have a mini direct when the last one we had was in September and they kept saying "we won't talk about 2018 games before 2018" but then they make only a Mini direct.

It could be true cause the direct was just so quick and they drop it like it's nothing, it would be weird that it's their way of being "hey look what we have in 2018". And considering there was not much except ports and games we already know.

There is too much info we need to not make one before E3 tho, they need to announce games for June and Summer, they can't do that during E3. And it would even be too late during the usual April direct.


Edit : I also want to add the space available for a new Direct on the site of Nintendo Japan is still there after the Mini Direct. 

Seeing how weirdly well the mini direct did, a big direct would be pretty effective (Nintendo is still trending on Youtube with 2.6 million views and gained 30k subs which is really big, they usually get 3k a day and playstation around 2k, the PSX barely had an effect of 20k over 3 days and had several streaming and trailers so the reaction from the direct was pretty positive). 

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I predict on the 23rd.