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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Something missing from the direct

First of all i think this direct was good, they showed a lot of games that many of us will buy.

But i just realized that besides Kirby,  There were no Nintendo First party developed games, only third party.

TWEWY: Square

Hyrule warrior: Team Ninja

Mario Tennis: Camelot


Payday 2: Overkill/505


Donkey Kong TF: Because it is a port, i dont think Nintendo themselves are doing it

Dark Souls: Namco 

So you think we will have a Full direct soon?

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i'm gonna a guess so, since I still think games like Yoshi will release in the first 6 months so they have to announce a date at some point

They missed Lost Sphear out this month and Street Fighter 30th out in May.

We already have a few Nintendo Direct discussion threads.

This thread covers the same material and has more content in the original post:

Going to lock this thread and direct you there.