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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Sea of Thieves - Becoming a Pirate Legend

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of gamers are sceptical of on SOTs, so I did some research on the game and found a clip that will explain some more on the game and what to do.

Here is a clip released last month by Rare on Sea of Thieves that explains more. If you think SOT is just about free roaming and battling, you will be in for a surprise.


MMO's have become very much the same thing over the years, not many games can be successful in this genre. One thing I do phase SOT's for doing is bringing in the hard game. Making it where you have to work and earn your rewards. That any day can offer peaceful gameplay or hardcore battling. The risk of the unknown. Iv been a WoW player for 13 years and I absolutely enjoy that game. SOT's seems to be tickling an itch I haven't had for quite some time.

What are your thoughts on Rare's highly anticipated IP?