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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - France:: Switch Smashes Expectations! 911k in 2017 (500k+ for SMO/MK8D and BotW Switch 410k) and More info...

Switch consoles sold in 2017: 911k (much above expectations)
In comparison, WII sold 703k in 10 months and PS4 650k also in 10 months.
459k Switch consoles sold in November-December
Should reach 1 million at the end of February, as much as the PS4 in 1 year.
507k 3DS sold in 2017
4.8 million games sold in 2017
Super mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are both > 500k. Could have been more for Odyssey but there were stock shortages.
Zelda Botw = 410k sold on Switch
Mario + Rabbids = 150k
Third party softwares represent 26% of the games (not specified if switch only or 3DS games are also included in this number) sold in france.



comparison's sake, these are French sales numbers for other platforms as of March 2017 according to Gameblog/GfK


  1. Wii : 6,293 millions
  2. PS3 : 5,235 millions
  3. Xbox 360 : 3,379 millions
  4. PS4 : 3,221 millions
  5. Xbox One : 1,026 millions
  6. Wii U : 832.000


  1. DS : 10,596 millions
  2. 3DS : 4,765 millions
  3. PSP : 3,582 millions
  4. PS Vita : 535.000

So, Switch already outsold Wii U and is probably relatively close to Xbox One's total sales as well.



And more info


More numbers :

SMO : 512k
MK8D : 508k
Zelda BotW : 410k
Splatoon 2 : 252k
M+R : >150k
FIFA 18 : 73k
Just Dance 18 > 50k
Rayman Legends > 50k

Third party ratio on Switch : 26%
Third party ratio on 3DS : 11%

SNES mini : 221k

"best console launch ever"

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Ridiculous numbers by the Switch. Looks like it will have big numbers in Europe

No numbers for XC 2.Just the title that I want to know the most about...

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Wow, and I just commented under Switch Italy sales, that if see it braking records in France, Germany or UK, then I'll be well impressed. Didn't have to wait long.

So. since we have two of these threads, I will recyle my comment:

Wow. They were expecting 800k+, so they've outdone their forecast by about 100k for this year.
Also pleased to see that Mario+Rabbits did well in France!

I wonder if we get an announcement for germany next.

Edit: Also the Switch is about to overtake the Xbox ones LT already?

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Wow! That sounds a lot!


And did I read that right!?!?! 459k Switches sold in Nov and dec?!?!?! 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

So in the US, 4.8 millions were sold, 3.4 in Japan, 0.4 in Italy and now 0.91 in France, which make it 9,51 for only 4 countries.

I think VG Chartz undertrack the Switch sales

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My friend always said that france is an open country when it comes to japanese culture.They are way more into it than america and for sure the UK.

I want to know sales for Africa. Particularly in the Serengeti.
Also among the Oceanians.

Also, a comparative breakdown of current barter standards!

If I could compare Switch sales between the Maasai and the Trobriands, that would be of incredible value to the sociological community!

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FAKE!!! Switch doesn't sell well in Europe and isn't allowed to. UK sales are representative of EU sales. Don't you know that T-Bone :)