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Do you experience these popups on mobile devices?

Yes (Apple) 5 41.67%
No (Apple) 0 0.00%
Yes (Android) 2 16.67%
No (Android) 3 25.00%
Yes (other) 0 0.00%
No (other) 2 16.67%

It's been a pretty solid few weeks on here. Meanwhile, I've been gone for a few weeks at the same time. Neat coincidence, huh?

Anyway, my computer turned into a potato, so instead I had to use VGChartz on my phone. Typically I would check VGChartz a couple of times a day while working/researching/whatever, and my phone made me feel more hesitant to post. I still however wanted to view posts and whatnot.

I'm pretty happy to be able to visit this site without being bombarded with the amount of disgusting scam popup ads that are extremely difficult to get out of. Instead of just coming back after a short hiatus and ranting about it, I thought I'd rather make another mediocre post pointing out the issue on mobile browsers without being an ass about it. 

I know a lot of people will say to use adblock, but the problem is I did use it. I used several and none of them made a difference. With the majority of internet browsing now being done on mobile devices, I think it'd be a good idea to see if this was simply an individual issue or something experienced by others. If we want to make this website better, we should at least make it accessible without forced ads that are difficult to escape

(example for those wondering. Take this, but show a white popup on VGChartz that says something along the lines of "Congratulations! YOU won a free iphone(1)!" with clicking anything resulting in you being sent to the spinning wheel. You can try clicking the back arrow, but it just resends the 'popup' ad sends you back there. 

That's pretty much it for me. Hope y'all had a decent start to the year I didn't lmao and it'll be neat to see if anyone else has had this problem on their phones. 

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Not gonna lie, I thought this was a onionberry parody.

Anyways, I use VGChartz on my phone (Apple) at night, and I get a similar ad ALL THE TIME.

I get a similar ad on Android regularly.

I keep getting redirected to a scam look-a-like of popular sites like amazon and ebay. This ad activates immediately and makes mobile VGC literally unusable for me.

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I thought we might have had an onionberry disciple here lol

I just absolutely love the ad that sits on top of the VGC Buddy. It's a great strategy to create a handy widget and then bury that widget beneath an obnoxious ad. It really goes to show the lack of creativity the marketing team has here on this website. Rather than trying to appeal to the audience with ads that are attractive or appealing, they choose to steal clicks from users by having them click them on accident. Pretty low class. I'm really not sure why a new user would even stick around after seeing that ad, unless t
hey had adblock plus enabled, of course.

Don't have a smartphone but clicking on this thread reminded me of the 2003-2004 win a free iPod scam people had in their sigs on forums back in the day.

Looks like OnionBerry got quite the reputation with her earlier stunt, because I too thought this was similar.

I use android, and I do get pop ups and ads on the site, but never to the extent where it comes unusable, it's usually just a bar along the bottom that pops up with every page, so everytime I go into a new thread or whatever I have to close it off, aside from that there's nothing major though.