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What's your favorite game of the year?

Knack 0 0%
Star Wars Pride & Accomplishment 2 0 0%
Knack 2 0 0%
Super Mario Brothas 2 6 85.71%
Knack 3D 0 0%
Vroom in the Night Sky 1 14.29%

Videogamedunkey has just uploaded a video in which he counts down his favorite games of 2017 - with a huge surprise at the end!

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I didn't expect THAT ending xD

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He’s a national treasure :)

Super Mario Bros. 2 has been GOTY for 29 years running. Not even Knack 2 could stop it.
Still the king, baby.

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Besides rhett and link, jeremy jahns, and sometimes pewdepie, Dunkey is my favorite yutuber.

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