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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When and how did you transition to gaming in HD?


When did you move to HD

2005 4 10.00%
2006 3 7.50%
2007 5 12.50%
2008 3 7.50%
2009 3 7.50%
2010 6 15.00%
2011 5 12.50%
2012 8 20.00%
Never 0 0%
Wahdaheo 3 7.50%

I had a 17 inch CRT monitor up until August of 2008 when I bought a 22 inch 1080p widescreen monitor. You can argue that CRT monitors are HD too since their native resolutions are 1024x768 or something but we know how tiny games look on them compared to widescreens. The first game I tried was some Star Trek first person shooter, an although I didn't like it and only played for like 15 min, the full HD effect of that game got burned in in my memory. Then I played Hitman Blood Money and Witcher and the full HD effect soon wore down. Now games on CRT look constrained rather than widescreen looks huge.

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Around 2008 also, I had a PS3 and got a 22-inch "1080p" TV. I put 1080p in quotes because I learned a lot later it was only a 1366x768 screen.

Can't remember the first game I played, but remember first booting the ps3 and seeing the glowy specs floating around the OS menu. oooooh

Lol the first year you cut from the list xD


Between 2007 and 2008. Though I didn't have a PC that could fully use the HD screen until much later.

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I wanna say around the time Metal Gear Solid 4 came out is when I got my PS3.

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I got a cheap HD TV in like 2006. Somebody came over with an Xbox 360 and we were playing with the settings. When we finally set the console to HD via some switch, it was like OH MY GOD!

I grabbed my own 360 in early 2007 and never looked back... until I got a Wii in April 2007.

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Somewhere in 2007 or 2008. I can't remember exactly. I know that after I switched over, I couldn't go back to older tvs.

I got a 42" HDTV back in 2005. Hooked up to my PS2. Damn that shit cost a small fortune at the time. My wow moment though was in december 2006 when I plugged in my PS3 to it for the first time. Funny thing about the launch PS3 was that I bought like 10 of them. No scalping, I just had the means to do so and get them into my country and figured a lot of people would want one. Ended up selling them for double the price.

I remember back then, by biggest dilema was either getting a plasma or a DLP.

I got an HDTV as a hand-me-down in around May of 2014. Before then I connected my PS3 and 360 to my CRT using composite output.

Shiken said:
I wanna say around the time Metal Gear Solid 4 came out is when I got my PS3.


But surprisingly I wasnt blown away. Actually, I expected much more from HD games at the time... so I felt underwhelmed.

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