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This is still a rumor, but seemed interesting enough (4 Chan)

> Fire Emblem Mutiny - 5.4.2018
> Fire Emblem Mutiny Special Edition w/ Hizir and Bontessa amiibo, soundtrack CD and coin - 5.4.2018
> Purple and Gold Joy-Cons - 5.4.2018
> BoxBoy! Collection - 1.26.2018
> Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta 1 - 2.16.2018
> Yoshi's Pop-Up - 3.9.2018
> Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection - 5.18.2018
> Kirby Star Allies - 6.8.2018
> Pink Joy-Cons - 6.8.2018
> Dark Souls - Summer
> Lost Sphear - 1.23.2018
> Dragon Quest Builders - 2.9.2018
> Final Fantasy XV - Summer
> Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus amiibo - Summer
> Nier: Automata - Fall
> Octopath Voyage (previously Project Octopath Traveler) - 9.9.2018
> Octopath Voyage Special Edition - 9.9.2018
> GTA V - Fall

Don't expect Pokemon, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Pikmin or Metroid news.



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More info

>Hizir and Bontessa are not the main protagonists in Mutiny, Hizir's sibling Preveza is. Hizir was banished from their kingdom for saving the life of a pirate (Bontessa). Hizir looks like a mix of Xander and Hector but with a tan. Bontessa looks like Syrenne from The Last Story (picture included) but with bright pink hair and a red cape.
>BoxBoy! Collection is for Switch as are all of the games listed here.
>The Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladious amiibo are a set and will not be sold separately.
>Fire Emblem Mutiny will open the direct, Octopath Voyage will close it, GTA V is the "one more thing"

lol 4chan "leaks"

Well that list is definitely "realistic" enough to seem real. No talk of the major releases (Pokemon, Metroid, etc.) is definitely Nintendo-like. Taking it with a grain of salt though.

Pretty much if his "The announcement will be made on 1.9.2018 at 9 AM PT" doesn't come true then this rumor is false.

I can definitely see Nintendo holding back on announcing their big hitters (Animal Crossing, Smash, etc.) until the E3 Direct.


Calling fake after some thought and a quick look at some responses in the 4chan thread. Due to the "leak" missing at least one definite game that was supposed to be shown off in the January direct.

There is no mention at all of the EA game titled 'Fe', the game that had internal docs leaked which pretty much confirmed the January presentation.

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SegataSanshiro said:
lol 4chan "leaks"

As people on there are saying "seems bad enough to be true" 

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I don't think so.

I do hope a BoxBoy collection comes to the Switch.
My boxes are ready.

I'm skeptical specifically because out of all of these games, there's zero new ones; it's all ports that were widely speculated about in rumors and previously announced titles.  Also, if a Smash 4 port isn't announced in the next big general direct then I'm confident that Nintendo is just going to skip on porting 4 and go straight to Smash 5.

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As always with these leaks, I choose not to believe it as it seems more often than not they are wrong.

Final Fantasy XV and Nier make this list impossible to believe. Anyway I should really leave the internet for the next few days. These rumors are getting out of hand. I am so happy I was not on the internet during the NX days.

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We'll know by tomorrow 9AM PT