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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Modern Video games Suck By: Downward Thrust

This video has so many things that I disagree with. I really think that the video gaming industry has done a lot of groundbreaking things this year.

We have an open-world game that shook up the Zelda and the open-world formula (Breath of the Wild).The revival of the 3d platformer (HAt in Time and Mario Odyssey. Nintendo making a comeback from the Wii U by combining their portable and handheld markets (Nintendo Switch).

I say that gaming has gone forward in many ways thanks to Nintendo and Sony's first-party software. Especially after 2016 where there was a huge drought of good games and so many bad games. 

I would like to see everyone's opinions about this. Do you think that modern video games suck?

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God, I fucking hate Downward Thrust. He's the epitome of "I can edit a video and make a good thumbnail therefore I'm good at critique and analysis". He makes these videos where he doesn't actually say anything important, interesting, or unique. Same with CleanPrinceGaming, I get the feeling that both are popular because they give off the feeling of making great content just because of their sleek thumbnails and decent editing. It's just such braindead content.

That being said, I think one of the only reasons this video is getting downvoted is because he critiqued The Witcher 3. And while I don't agree with his points regarding that game, I think it's kind of sad that a video got heavy dislikes because one example in particular was looked at unfavorably. Had he not used that game as a reference point, the video would have much less dislikes. Because generally, this seems to be the same generic boring attitude that most people take up nowadays. I certainly don't think the video would have been disputed if he only focused on canonized "bad" modern titles, it would just speak to a wide spread belief that gets tossed around constantly. It's not that it's sad he's getting hate for criticizing a great game, it's that I think people would agree 100% had he just not used that particular product. Otherwise I think this would be looked at as incredibly insightful or something, when in reality it's always been a sad attitude with some good points but very little validity as a whole.

I used to be subscribed to him for some reason, but i quickly noticed he was nothing but blanket statements and shallow opinions with nice editing. This video doesnt seem much different. There ate a lot of good games out there, it's not a matter of whether the game is modern that makes it a passionate project or not.

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Why Downward Thrust is credible:

A pretty damn good analysis.

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Less ground breaking games maybe. But I think the overall variety of games has improved.

Never heard of him and not watching. It's a bait title.

If the title is already a lie, I don't think I want to watch the full video.

Interesting because last year just became my favorite year in all of gaming, and i have still to play Nioh, Zelda, Mario, Yakuza, Trails of Cold Steel 3, Tokyo Xanadu, Uncharted, and other games that aren't at the top of my head, because the list of 2017 was pretty big and awesome.

RolStoppable said:

Why Downward Thrust is credible:

A pretty damn good analysis.

It's weird that he has only done two Nintendo videos in one year.