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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So what year was your Switch made?


What year is your Switch made

2016 13 54.17%
2017 7 29.17%
See results! 4 16.67%

A really trivial question but fun to ask. The manufacturing year can be fond somewhere at the bottom on the back of the system. 


Mine is made 2016 I got it on launch day. 


(sorry for anyone getting it this year you don't count)

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Mine is made in 2017. I got it in August.

2016, launch day.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism


2015, got it launch day.

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2017, got it in May

Nothing to see here, move along

Launch day, year of our lord 2016.

2016 - launch day.

Mine hasn't been made yet .

It's what, 2014 tech right? So then I guess.... I don't know.