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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Welp, time to put a hold on masturbation

So, I've had an addiction to masturbation for a while now. However, I think I got a wake-up call yesterday. So, I was watching pornography, and I did my thing, and I went to take off my clothes to take a shower (yeah, I typically do it with my clothes on since I like having a few layers between me and my thing so I don't have to touch it), and well, there was blood all over my underwear. So, I decided that then and there I was going to put a moratorium on it until further notice. Why am I telling you guys about this? Good question. Well, I guess the answer being that we have a NSFW sub-forum so we might as well use it So guys, please be weary and make sure to do things in moderation!

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This is crazier than Marcus Mariota's touchdown pass to himself.

Also, this thread screams for Captain_Yuri's expertise.

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I recommend a quitting challenge. Challenge yourself to quit for a reasonable amount of time and then reflect. I did one last year for 130 days. (Goal of 120 days)

How do you know that the blood in your semen is caused by masturbation ?

Also you might want to get checked out by a doctor too ...

something similar happened to me in June 2014, since then I masturbate very rarely (last time is already over 6 months), sex I still do sometimes to please my girlfriend but I can live without sex very quietly.

PS: Of course.. depression has a much stronger weight in the absence of sexual desire than a cut in the skin of the penis that happened years ago.. vgchartz has a great weight in my routine and I'm sure that is one of the main factors why I still haven't thought in suicide .. so thanks to everyone :)


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Hmmm... thats never happened to me and I fap a lot.

Blood in your semen? If it was that much, you should see your doc. I checked and saw you’re young, so something serious is less likely, but you should still be seen for it.

God made us to have hundreds of kids. So I doubt this is from Masturbation. Maybe you have a serious issue that you should go to the doctor.

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Yeah, blood in my underwear would surely stop me too... though having started this... "hobby" when I was 11, I am not sure there is any live tissue left there at all

With your clothes on? How does that even work?