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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Just Venting about Sonic Forces

This thread is basically just me ranting about this game, Sonic team, and basically the IP as a whole. I just beat Sonic Forces (Switch version in case your curious) and honestly its been such a long time a game left me this mad about it.  Everything about this game found a way to piss me off from how short it is, the level design, and even the controls left me frustrated. The best levels felt too short and some of the longer levels were full of cheap deaths. This was honestly the worst game I played in a long time. While its not broken like 06 or Boom it clearly shows signs of either development hell or rush out the door. 


Like how come Sonic Team can honestly get this many chances after all of their screw ups? It honestly pains me that so many IP's and studios died for less and yet Sonic Team and the Sonic IP get to continue to live on after how many years of just constant screw ups. No one should be given as much chances as they have and yet we are another bad Sonic game. I honestly believe Generations and Colors are just flukes and even if something like Adventure 3 I will bet money on it being bad as well. Hell they've made bad games using the adventure formula before like 06 so I would not be shock in the slightest if that one turn out bad as well.

Honestly this game left such a bad taste in my mouth that I swear on the graves of just about everyone I am related to I will now never buy another game that is made by Sonic Team ever again. I will be trading this copy of Sonic Forces towards a copy of Monster Hunter World when that comes out cause man while I did get during a buy 2 get 1 free deal on used games its really isn't something I even want on my shelf.


If you read all this rant I basically wrote from the top of my head after just beating Forces thanks and even if you disagree with me well more power to you. I am just one guy with an opinion about Sonic Team.

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Sounds like there was a good reason why the game retails for $40.

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RolStoppable said:
Sounds like there was a good reason why the game retails for $40.

Wasn't Sonic Generations $40 as well?

There were bits of Sonic 2 on the DC that I liked. Just bits. Haven't looked at a Sonic game since. That's almost 20 years of solid decision making.

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RolStoppable said:
Sounds like there was a good reason why the game retails for $40.

That honestly should of been a huge red flag especially about the length. Like it only took me roughly 2 hours to finish.  

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I'm still interested in playing it, but always planned on waiting until it drops to £10 or lower beforehand, it's not exactly a priority.

If a game sucks, $40 is still way too much.

As to the OP, while I haven't played Forces, I agree with the underlying point. I grew up with Sonic in the franchise's heyday. I still look forward to the release of every Sonic game. But, they've been so bad for the last two decades that I don't buy them until lots of reviews and gameplay footage can be seen. And, since the reviews always suck, that means that i never buy most of them.

With that said, Mania was awesome. One of my top 5 games of 2017. Let Sega take a lesson from that. Give someone else the chance to make a modern Sonic game. They certainly can't do any worse than Sonic Team.

The Nullspace section is probably the best way to sum up Forces.

What a waste of potential.

The gameplay is not even half decent. I haven't played 06 or Shadow, so this is so far the worst Sonic game I have ever played.

But you can play as the self insert of your dreams...

At this point, if you buy a Sonic game at launch or without heeding reviews, you have only yourself to blame