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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: Leaked video of Switch version 5.0.0 online lounge, cloud storage, more (FAKE)

it sounds legit.. or a pretty good fake :P

ps: i would love a crunchyroll app :)

A new video has made its way online that claims to offer a look at Switch version 5.0.0. It offers a look at a few significant features, including folders, the ability to create an online lounge, cloud storage, themes, and more.

Here’s the video in question:

The video does an admirable job of coming off as legitimate, but in this day and age, you can never be too certain. We’ve definitely seen realistic “leaks” in the past that ultimately turned out to be fake. In any case, we should know if this is the real deal fairly soon, as the person who uploaded the video claims the firmware launches in early February.

Source 1

Source 2


A couple of red flags have been pointed out since the video first made the rounds. First, the YouTube icon pictured isn’t the latest logo. Secondly, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe seems to be shown on the console as a digital download, that would take up 6.8GB of memory – yet it only shows that 2GB is used in the video. For now we unfortunately have to lean much closer to this being fake.


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Youtube for Switch? Yes please!

Will most likely shown on the Jan Direct.

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Well seems legit...crosses fingers...

pretty much everything the casual gamer person that purchased a Switch wanted aside from games. Although doesn’t show Netflix...


also watching the video...”ADD TO VIRTUAL CONSOLE FOLDER”(0:12) and Themes, and Cloud Storage(looks like 2GB as halfway used with 1.1GB unused)

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Looks real but urgh...believing in those "leaks" had led to so much disapointment in the past...

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If this is fake, is a really good one.
Props to whoever made it if it is indeed false.

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That's a good fake but the fact he didn't go into Youtube and such makes me think BS. Seems like it's hacked and put an icon and other stuff.

Looks pretty convincing. Makes sense too, as the Switch really hasn't had exactly loads of new features recently from what I've seen, so Nintendo should have a big update like that.

I've seen too many realistic fakes to believe this without a doubt.

But I do believe this... with a little doubt.

Well, this is new.


Stuart23 said:
Looks real but urgh...believing in those "leaks" had led to so much disapointment in the past...

"Scorned lovers," the thread.

Well, this is new.