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Forums - Website Topics - Forum Badges - They're Back & Better Than Ever, Plus Future Plans

Some of you may have noticed that today you received any badges that you had pending. That's because Talon managed to find the relevant code and make a number of cool updates.


- All badges now unlock as intended, even the original ones that were never properly implemented in the first place. So you can start earning them again safe in the knowledge you'll get them.

- Badge descriptions have been updated so that they reflect the current format of the site (i.e. references to gamrReview, gamrFeed, and so on have been removed and changed to VGChartz).

- Badges now update automatically on a regular basis - roughly once a day. No more waiting months to get your newly unlocked badge!

- New badges are being added over time. You can view a complete list of future badges here.


 Original post:

Firstly, the GameDB related badges are now all working again. They've been dormant for years but now we have a proper community-sourced database again we can bring them back, and today we did just that. Most of the stuff you can contribute to the database will work towards unlocking a profile badge. You can view the full list of available badges here -

Secondly Talon is going to make it so that they update on a regular basis - hopefully once every week. So no more having to wait an eternity to receive your badges.

Thirdly, that still leaves us with a handful of badges that have never worked. We're going to look into getting them up and running.

Fourthly, we're going to be adding new badges - the first set of badges since the Supporter badges were added. I'll be compiling a list of ideas to present to Talon shortly and then we'll bring the community on board to help with the designs, which will give a new set of users the chance to earn the Designer badge.

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yesss I'm officially a site veteran now

Sounds pretty good!

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forget the badges, we want info on the PL like how many rounds each week? one for each region? how many games in a round? whats gonna be the max betting amount?

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Badges? I don't need no stinkin' badgess!

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Seems like some of the bottom badges are not working anymore? Article posts, etc.

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OH no, and the holiday ones went away. I waited for those so long!

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Just looked at my own badges and realised it took me ten months to make my first 100 posts...

I want to publicly express my gratitude to Talon for his work on the badges. They were a pet project of mine that I managed to convince Brett to add to the site when we brought in an external developer to deal with the Gamewise split. Though I was happy with concept and the designs, the implementation was lacking and never fully completed, which was incredibly disappointing.

To know they're finally going to be done in full and that I have the greenlight to come up with new ones has made my day :)

Good to know the badges are being worked on. When all of them start working, they will be mine for the taken. Maybe even the supporter ones someday ;)

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