Forums - Gaming Discussion - Humble Monthly February - Civilization 6 + more for $12!

The way this works is you get Civilization 6 + two expansions now, then the rest of the monthly games at the end of the month.  

The monthly fee is $12.  You need to cancel after month end before new content unlocks, or you'll pay the next monthly fee.

This is a great deal for $12!

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ugh, I'd love Civ 6 for $12 but my computer can't even run the game

Oh well, when I do get a new computer maybe the game will be even cheaper than $12 then.

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I don't see the game going cheaper than this for a long time. What a brilliant deal.

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That's a steal. I just bought Civ 6 base game for $30 off of Steam on their last Winter Sales. Oh well, love the game still! for $12 for base game plus 2 expansions its a great deal.

Have they done a Humble Bundle for Switch yet?

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I guess that's a good time to try it out. And looks like I found a source for my gift shop :)

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Now I wish that I would be able to like the game system of this series.