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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What game do you think improved the most post launch?

We live in a day and age where games release with lack of content, glitches, and other issues that can be fixed via patch or dlc. Sometimes, that's even the game plan to keep the game new and fresh (ie: Splatoon). So which game do you think improved  and evolved the most compared to what it was originally?

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Are we including mods or not? Because that would definitely change things...


The Division.

Fallout 4 improved greatly. Frame rate hits because of shadows was terrible at the beginning. Stability has also improved and is now the best out of the recent Fallout/Skyrim games. I only crash very rarely now and then it's usually mod related. Bethesda also added a Survival Mode for free with new features and mechanics. Those who charged for harder modes should be embarrassed. It also got some excellent DLC that addressed a wide range of wants and needs.

Ehrm... I was gonna say Splatoon, Mr. OP

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I wouldn't say the most improved, but I definitely think Gran Turismo Sport earns a mention... personally I thought it launched with enough content, since the focus was always on the multiplayer anyway, and based on Gran Turismo history, more cars doesn't mean a better game when fifty of those cars are Skyline variants or something, lol. But we now have GT League for singleplayer which feels just like the older games, and they've added, and will be continuing to add, more cars (and tracks)... all for free. So yeah, for that reason I do think it deserves a mention.

Ka-pi96 said:
Are we including mods or not? Because that would definitely change things...

Mods kinda fell like cheating. Plus not everybody gets the same experience. Usually, when companies "fix" a game, everybody sees the same benefit.

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Well i haven't played minecraft for a few years but it changed a lot sense it first came out. Excluding that, I noticed that Fallout 4 improved a lot, even though i never finished it.



Diablo III

Final Fantasy XV

Hyrule Warriors

Mario Kart 8


Recent examples. I don't want to search my memory banks for older stuff.

Diablo III, most definetely.

Before Loot 2.0, it was terrible, drops were bad, you were practically forced to go to the auction house for good gear and the end game was boring. The changes made from the point Reaper of Souls released and onward made the game fresh, addictive and interesting again, kept me playing for about 3 years when I was about to give up on it.

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