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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you Netflix/Youtube/Poscast or other meta procrastination while gaming?

Depending on the game and what I'm doing at the moment. Especially in very grindy and/or repetitive segments of the game, I just turn the music off and put something in the background.

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Sometimes I listen to music from YouTube videos while I'm grinding or replaying a section of a game I already beat before/lost and had to re-do a certain section of it.

music / podcasts on multiplayer games .. yes..
on everything else .. hell no. I'm extremely horrible on that. every second spent in a game is a second lost of a show. also also hate it when 2 person are talking at once. feels almost like that :

I have a TV next to my monitor and, when I play some games that don't demand all my attention, I game while watching TV.

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I play a lot of JRPG's and as much as I love them, all that grinding sometimes gets to me so I'll listen to a podcast as I do it, helps time to go by faster for me.

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Not that much but I do sometimes browse on my smartphone during a repetitive cutscene in a game. Also during games that you have to wait real amount of time until certain events trigger like Rune Factory or Majora's Mask.

I'm almost always watching something on my laptop while I game.

Oh yes I do, minecraft is famous for being a game where people watch netflix/listen to podcast while playing it.

I always watch or listen to something during gaming.