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There is a thread on reddit from DasVergeben, that rumours some games.

That includes:

  • some rumours about content of Soul Calibur VI
  • things for Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Switch-Direct at 10th or 11th
  • Direct includes details about Metroid Prime 4, which is developed by Namco
  • Animal Crossing Switch
  • Pokemon will be in the Direct
  • Mother 3 localization
  • Wario for 3DS
  • GTA V and Red Dead Redemption being ported to Switch
  • Killing Floor 2 for Switch
  • Hearthstone Switch
  • Injustice 2 Switch
  • Ace Attorney ports to Switch
  • Wonderful 101 ported to Switch
  • Dragon Quest XI in the Direct
  • Dark Souls Remaster for Switch
  • Call of Duty Switch
  • Undertale Switch
  • Fortnite Switch
  • Hello Neighbor Switch and PS4

At least some of these things should be clear with the probable January Direct. Whatever you'll make of that, but I thought I'll share.


EDIT: Realized I might as well copy the post:


I'll first start by saying that I've come to be less hasty and am trying to be less overzealous when I hear things moving forward and even more skeptical when it comes to my sources. I will note what things that stand out to me as strange or shaky as before, so please keep that in mind and don't rake me over the coals if a source is wrong or slightly off. I'll own up to the fact that I have been a little too trusting at times, but I'm working on being less.

With that said, you've probably seen my original post by now, and if you haven't, here it is so you can see I'm not editing things or backing down from previous things, and noting things where new information has come to light in comparison:

With that out of the way, I will get right into this.

Soul Calibur VI

My Soul Calibur VI info has grown a lot since I last leaked info about the game here on reddit (I've been posting and sharing a lot more in regards to the game like its roster and story on the Soul Calibur forum 8WayRun). The source who told me about the Switch version is different from the one who originally told me of the game's existence as I've noted before in my Leakileaks post. The Switch source is the one that said Link would be on that version. Not only that, but my main SCVI source who knows a lot of things about the game, only suspected there might be a Fire Emblem character, as I also said before.

Let me just come out and say, what they were speculating over what lead to that Fire Emblem character speculation is no longer the case as more information came to light. Maybe you can connect the dots as to how and why. But it involves a Soul Calibur character. They also never formally and outright heard of a Switch version, other than it was "likely" but couldn't personally confirm it and still can't. Basically, the FE character speculation due to a certain detail they knew about was the only reason why the thought there might be one, but they found out later that it wasn't who or why.

Does it kill the SCVI on Switch's chances of existing? At the moment, let's go with it is uncertain. But they could just be being coy like Bandai Namco has already been about DBFZ getting a Switch version, when that's already in development. If SCVI for Switch is not revealed at the January Direct, then it's either happening later as a port after the PS4, PC, and Xbox One release, or not at all. But I highly doubt it's a "never" situation. I'd advise people to keep some hope to it happening eventually because there is OBVIOUS and loud fan demand for it. And if the SCVI on Switch source is reliable, then if the issues they've encountered for optimization are not deemed too bad and the performance can be kept up to snuff and runs right, then it will happen and release. Though it probably will wind up being an after-the-fact port, since DBFZ will be getting the same treatment. Switch ports are great for business as the Switch is selling like hotcakes. But the optimization is not something developers can skimp on getting right, as you've seen in some Switch port cases just fucking up and getting wrong to try and capitalize on the console's success (WWE 2k18 for a massive instance). So yeah, that's my update on SCVI for Switch, at the moment at least.

The only reason why I didn't know that the direction went in with SCVI was a reboot was because the source I had before coming into contact with my main SCVI source now had been told it was a sequel to VI. Which was outdated information since it originally was at a point before the shakeup with Project Soul, as the Passion Republic stuff that leaked was actually based on what the game was originally going to be at an much earlier point, so they were unaware of the development change (and only knew of the game being PS4 exclusive aside from being on PC. They didn't hear of an Xbox One or the stuff that outlier source had heard about a Switch version) The source I've come into contact since my Leakileaks post on reddit is the one who's so far been spot on with what they told me that I put out there that's been revealed so far aka the new guy at the end of the reveal trailer and Soul Charge being a V-Trigger-like mechanic namely.

Characters that I've heard that will be a part of SCVI's roster include Kilik (with the staff, obvious as to why now with how the timeline and is being handled), Xianghua, Maxi, Siegfried, Nightmare, Taki, Talim, Ivy, Cassandra, Astaroth, and Tira as well.

I heard that Zasalamel is "very likely" but signs are pointing a bit more to him possibly being DLC.

Story mode is mainly going to cover SC1, but events from Soul Edge/Blade, SCII, and SCIII will be present in some shape or form! Apparently "a lot of the SCIII-V characters will be reserved for DLC. Hilde is likely one of them." And "most of Lost Swords' cast will be in SCVI. You can pretty much deduce who will and who won't. And as for the characters that weren't on V, but were added to Lost Swords that will be in: Taki and Cassandra, obviously Sophitia who's already confirmed, but probably not Mi-Na."

I asked what's up with Amy then since they didn't say her name with those "characters that weren't on V but added to Lost Swords" and they brought up the chance that she might just appear as Viola from now on, but they currently have no confirmation of that for sure.

Maxi might be gay on VI and tied to his story (his lover gets killed along with his crew by Astaroth)

The new character shown at the end of the SCVI reveal trailer I leaked info about back on November 29th:

Including that it's a guy, he's an assassin, Kilik's rival, and utilizes a weapon that is a sword that he can fight with together or separated as two swords (think Darth Maul or Cao Pi on Dynasty Warriors 5 and 8). Personality-wise, he's kind of an edgelord.

The other newcomer that I know about is the new guy's parent. "Father" (placeholder name) also utilizes a new moveset for the series and not meant to be replacing anybody.

If you want sources to me having said most of these things before this post on 8WayRun, here you go:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

First, I have to say that I love how I've had some dumbasses here and there on the internet try to claim I'm a Capcom fanboy trying to "kill hype" for the game by saying what I'm saying and revealing what I have in regards to DLC for the game, but conveniently miss all the times I criticize and shit on Capcom when and where needed.

With that laughable annoyance out of the way, the slight update on DBFZ DLC is: Broly, Base form Goku, Base form Vegeta as I've said before, but also Bardock are all going to be.

I never got back in contact with that one source who original told me of Broly and Bardock, but my two main DBFZ sources say Bardock is in alongside Broly, Base form Goku, and Base form Vegeta.

The Raditz and Zarbon source I have that I noted before is still kind of an outlier in what they know so far knowing those 2 characters, but do back up those other 4 characters mentioned, which is worth considering there that they might just know more than the other 2 that know of Broly, Base form Goku, Base form Vegeta, and Bardock.

If you're wondering "why are those characters DLC?" I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask why they were picked, because while I can completely understand Broly and Bardock, Base form Goku and Vegeta was too out there to not want to know if there's some kind of rationale behind it. The answer that I got is that it is almost solely "due to Japan" is the answer I got from one of the two sources who know about those 4.

Broly's very big in Japan and the west, so he's seen as being able to sell the pass by himself alone. Bardock is hugely popular there and in the west as well. Broly's been the most requested character by Japanese pro players in particular.

But Base form Goku and especially Base form Vegeta are to appease the Japanese fanbase as well since they've been pestering ArcSys and Bandai Namco on social media since the game was revealed due to how good, and in Base form Vegeta's case great, they were on Extreme Butoden. So it looks like more than anything, a Japanese fighting game developer is including characters to placate the Japanese fanbase. A story as old as time. You can love or hate the decision of them being chosen, but it comes down to wanting the domestic fanbase to be pleased with the roster choices, and hope that we are as well. Fortunately, we do have corresponding tastes for characters like Broly and Bardock. It's Base form Goku and Base form Vegeta that will have the Season Pass live on in some infamy among us because "we don't get it."

Last thing to note for now. There are hidden characters still left to be revealed. Android 21 is one of them. A curiosity is that "her Ultimate form is also playable" but I couldn't get confirmation if that means they'll be separate, or her transformation is an Install super.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Season 2 is locked in to still not have any Fox characters, despite the buyout. It'll be Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Asura, Lady, Gill, and that last slot is down to being Rashid or Vergil now (both are in a state where one could be swapped out for the other development-wise, Gill's been done since Season 1 since he was planned for it). There's actually a very high chance that Vergil took that last slot now. Capcom Japan and Marvel have been at odds with eachother over the future of MvCI though, which is why things went down the way that they did at PSX and BotS.

The future of MvCI will be decided in about a month, give or take. It comes down to two different outcomes to my understanding. They announcing the plug is pretty much being pulled (I guess for a topical comparison, think of DOA5LR's end of support announcement) but still most likely releasing Season 2 as a sendoff, or they announce a CPT thing for it and likely tease MvCI Season 2 if not be outright with talking about what it adds. That's it. Either it lives or it dies and we find out in a monthish's time.

It's in a really odd position right now, but the chance of them in the very least releasing Season 2 regardless of if they cut off support otherwise is hopeful I hear, since so much work has already been done for those characters. So there's that. It having a proper sendoff with that being released would more than likely be the end of support altogether if they are abandoning the game.

It's what they do and decide to do with the game after that that is down to one of two outcomes.

That MvCI info comes straight from my SFV:AE source that wound up being spot on with SFV:AE's Season 3's characters that were revealed. So it is very, very likely this is what is going to be happening and what seems to be the case with how things are going and could go moving forward with its support.

Capcom from my understanding, has some level of disdain towards the whole thing. While Marvel has some disdain for them releasing something with such negative, toxic connotations that has their name on it. I'm not sure who's more wanting to cut bait on the whole thing, but it wouldn't actually surprise me if Capcom is a bit more "fuck this" about it at this point. But I can't say for sure. I know that neither side is completely happy with how things are with the game and turned out, yet both are to blame whether they want to believe it or not.

More than anything, it sounds to me like two sides that are too stubborn to admit they were wrong, yet mad about the result. But it's whether or not they actually want to put the time, money, and maturity to try and repair it that matters most.

Devil May Cry 5

It was planned for a reveal at PSX but plans changed. I could dwell on this like people have in trying to discredit everything I've said based on this alone, but Capcom decided on wanting to reveal the game to the public formally and create a smaller gap between reveal and release like they've been doing as of late with other huge titles of theirs (Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World). I only had one of my sources who knew of DMC5's existence who insisted it would still be revealed at PSX after plans changed, and it was one of those two SFV:AE Season 3 sources that were wrong, so I have stopped listening to anything they have to say after the Season 3 characters were revealed for obvious reasons. Its announcement is most likely being held back all the way to E3 since there aren't many trade shows worth revealing it at that are high profile enough in the first half of the year, plus Sony wanting it to be established as an exclusive of theirs.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

In case you didn't know, there was some bullshit fake leak that acted like I said something to them to give what they said validity that popped up on 4chan:

I shot it down when someone brought it up to me on here as a message and on gamefaqs when it was brought to my attention:

I do have SOME BBTAG info though, but none that I ever shared until now. Which is that Kanji, Naoto Shirogane, Mitsuru, Aigis, Hilda, Merkava, Taokaka, Litchi, Blake, and Yang will be part of the roster.

Nintendo related section

The January Nintendo Direct is planned for "early to mid January," with the 10th or 11th being the dates they're eyeing for it I heard.

NOTE: Not everything in this section is going to be or meant to be announced in the January Direct. Only expect the things that are specifically noted to most likely be a part of it. Ok? Ok.

The Switch's Virtual Console not being like how it currently is known to be like, as there's some kind of a subscription service of sorts in the works, and how online and rewards will work now too being part of that Direct.

Metroid Prime 4 as I've said before has Bandai Namco's involved in the development. It will have some presence in the Direct.

As I said in the original Leakileaks post, there's some kind of new Animal Crossing that they hope to release next year too, with an update I have about that being that it should be out around Q3 at the latest it sounds like, which should be covered in the Direct.

Pokemon Gen 8 should get covered and some kind of highlight in the Direct since I keep hearing there's very real pressure on them to get the game out by late 2018. It was brought to my attention that this may be less likely to happen based entirely on the fact that The Pokemon Company has (as of this writing) hasn't announced mainline Pokemon games during any general Nintendo Direct or E3 presentations. Unless they're breaking the trend for this game. Keep that in mind, but don't let the (probably realistic) possibility of it not being a part of the January Direct if it isn't convince you Gen 8 is not in the works, or that it's likely to be pushed for a release by the end of 2018.

Mother 3 has a realistic chance of being released next year I heard. According to my source, it was completely localized and playable. The sad thing that I've heard is that it is being held back for some reason, which all I know has something to do with not knowing which month to release it in, to not conflict with other releases or cannibalize sales. But they should have some open spaces next year from what I hear, so it's actually looking pretty good for Mother 3 next year.

I haven't heard anything specific about Fire Emblem 16 yet other than it might be out around Q2 to Q3, with a May release date even. Which is way sooner than I'd imagined for it. But just sharing that's what I heard.

I heard about a new Wario months ago, and the update about that that I heard is that it'll be on 3DS. Which is kind of disappointing, but I guess the handheld needs a bit of a first party sendoff.

Speaking of sendoffs, this is something I only recently heard something more about, and I still find it kind of out there and questionable, as I originally didn't hear anything nearly as specific until yesterday, but I heard a while back rumors of a Link's Awakening remake-ish game inspired by it (something kind of like how A Link Between Worlds was to A Link to the Past was how it was described to me). But that was the extent of it. The update on what I heard yesterday is that it would be for 3DS and "is supposed to be the most impressive Zelda on the 3DS yet." If it is indeed happening, then they're absolutely using that game as the 3DS sendoff game when it comes to first party Nintendo games.

GTAV having a Switch port release and likely around Q3 and highlighted in the Direct is something I heard. And I also heard Rockstar has something else planned for Switch outside of GTAV coming to it, which sounds like it may be a Red Dead Redemption remaster.

Killing Floor 2 is something I heard is coming to the Switch, but the release date up in the air and not something my contacts know as definitive just yet, but is most likely coming to it sometime in 2018.

Blizzard is preparing a Hearthstone port for the Switch as I've said before. I'm not sure when exactly this will be announced.

An Injustice 2 port is in the works for the Switch.

I heard about Ace Attorney ports coming to Switch before Kotaku UK even posted about it (though I didn't share info about it since I was waiting for some more substantial info) with it most likely being a compilation or compilations (Kotaku UK said the same) and what they heard was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations. And the second a compilation of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice. They'd said both compilations are due out between April 2018 and October 2018. My source says the same. There's also a new Ace Attorney in the works as well for the Switch (exclusive to it) that should be out before the end of 2018 at earliest, early 2019 at the latest.

I heard about Wonder 101 on Switch, though am not sure if a port or a sequel, but it sounds like a port from what I've heard.

There are murmurings of NieR: Automata on Switch in regards to Nintendo really wanting it a port of it, but I'm not sure about how the console exclusivity is with Sony. If it was timed exclusive or what. If it was only a timed exclusive, then I can absolutely see it coming over eventually.

Dragon Quest XI should be appearing during the January Direct. It should be the first showing and information regarding the Switch version and the game's localization since they were supposed to share information back in the fall, but never did and still haven't in regard to its localization. So they should be doing a double-whammy and talking about and showing off the Switch version finally, and the game's localizaton, possibly release date. The Switch version launching in Japan might wind up dropping at the same time the game comes here in general here in the west.

As you've probably seen me say back when I first said it 4 months ago, Dragon Ball FighterZ coming to the Switch. I keep hearing it won't be out until Q3 or Q4 of 2018, too.

The Dark Souls Remaster is happening, but I never heard for sure if it's exclusive to Switch or not though.

Some things I've heard yesterday, but I'm still a little shaky on is next year's Call of Duty also coming to Switch and supporting HD rumble, Undertale coming to Switch and being announced in the January Direct, Fortnite coming to the Switch sooner rather than later if possible, and Hello Neighbour coming to Switch (and PS4) and tinyBuild porting a few other of their previous titles to Switch in 2018.

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Again this just reads like someones wet dream.

Remember the Bandai rumors? Was suppose to be 5 game announced for the switch. With a strong Switch following.

Two never came about, two aren't coming to the switch, and one we already knew about.

Just easier to wait a week instead of getting the hopes up.

"Mother 3 localization"

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Bandorr said:

Again this just reads like someones wet dream.

Yeah, not sure about that myself, but thought I better share it with clear 'rumour'-tag.

Dark Souls Switch would excite me, but I keep my hopes low and wait for the very likely January-Direct.

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my greatest games: 2017, 2018, 2019

Predictions: Switch / Switch vs. XB1 in the US / Three Houses first quarter

All of this sounds incredibly fake.

Mnementh said:
Bandorr said:

Again this just reads like someones wet dream.

Yeah, not sure about that myself, but thought I better share it with clear 'rumour'-tag.

Dark Souls Switch would excite me, but I keep my hopes low and wait for the very likely January-Direct.

Keeping hopes low is always the best way.

I expect nothing, and I get surprised any time there is something big.

At this point Mother 3 has been so rumored that even if it released - would mean nothing to me.

Release something like Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the switch and BOOM - mind blown. Never saw that coming, so it would be a full surprise.

  • Deadliest mass shooting by an individual in US history (10/01/2017)
  • Deadliest high school shooting in US history (02/14/2018)
  • Deadliest massacre of Jews in US history (10/27/2018)
  • Political assassination attempt of TWO former presidents(and 10+ other people)  (10/23/2018 - and beyond)
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That Direct would be bigger than the biggest E3 presentation ever was.

Odds of this fully playing out are the type an android would calculate just before the heroes go into action. Pretty damn low.

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Jesus Christ he had a lot of info.

Many of those do not look too far fetched.

Could live without Wonderful 101, although it would help with sales.

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It's hilarious how the person is trying to justify the false things from the previous "leaks", along with the person stating that some things might-or-might-not-happen-we-don't-know-and-will-not-know-until-it-happens.

So this is the person who leaked TMNT and Enchantress.

That means he has (or had) some credibility. But he got at least one thing wrong since last time.
"Season 3 characters include Sakura, Sagat, Cody, Sodom, 2 newcomers"

All of that was correct except Sodom. It was Blanka. That's close enough though, but I see in the comment section that he edited his SFV post, and that other things he posted were wrong as well. So I'll wait until next time some of his info that's not easy to guess come to pass before I put too much stock into this.

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Talonman, can we have a collapsible tag.
It would make quoting things much easier, and will reduce the size and "intimidation factor" threads have.

On topic:
If: this turns out to be true, the Switch could perhaps be the greatest console ever made.
Any single announcement on this list would be godsend for both fans and the console.

I would love for this to be true, but yeah.
Oh and that Wario for 3DS part: it kinda hurts.