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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gaming Addiction Is Officially A Disorder, According To The World Health Organisation

Do you find it hard to resist picking up the controller, even when it's at the cost of other important things in your life? You could be suffering from a mental disorder according to the World Health Organisation, which has just published its 11th International Classification of Diseases - the first of its kind since 1992.

The BBC reports that in the new guide, gaming addiction has been listed as a mental health condition for the first time ever.

According to the guide, symptoms of this ailment include:

  • impaired control over gaming (frequency, intensity, duration)
  • increased priority given to gaming
  • continuation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences

The guide comes at a time when many nations are struggling to deal with the issue of increased levels of game time among its younger citizens. In South Korea for example, where online gaming is incredibly popular, the government has introduced a law banning access for children under 16 from online games between midnight and 06:00 AM. Meanwhile in China, internet giant Tencent has introduced limits on the number of hours children can play its games.

Despite these moves, there is still some doubt as to whether gaming addiction is as widespread an issue as some would have us believe. The University of Oxford in the UK recently conducted a study which suggested that increased screen time didn't stop children from successfully managing other aspects of their lives.

Researcher Killian Mullan said:

People think that children are addicted to technology and in front of these screens 24/7, to the exclusion of other activities - and we now know that is not the case.

Our findings show that technology is being used with and in some cases perhaps to support other activities, like homework for instance, and not pushing them out.

Just like we adults do, children spread their digital tech use throughout the day, while doing other things.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think gaming addiction is a real concern, especially when you consider how much time we spend glued to screens watching TV, surfing the web or posting on social media? Given that gaming has positive benefits too, do you think this new guide could cause more harm than good, or do you feel (as with many things in life) too much of a good thing can be harmful



Read the rest at the link below...

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This sounds like a Theme Hospital disease.


Okay... so they are just agreeing with most psychiatrists have been saying for years then?

Anyone who thinks it can't be an addiction should consider how gaming works. It gives highs for achieving things, allows to escape the mundanity or depression of life... you know, like gambling or drugs.

Hmm, pie.

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Yay! I have a mental disorder!

I am officially disabled...give me my handicapped parking tags!

Seriously though it is about time. Gaming can be an addiction just like anything else. I have ventured into that territory before and it is no joke. I played this MMO called 12 Sky years ago, made a guild, and comanded an entire faction (1/3 of the server), and went down as one of the best faction leaders in the game.

Do you know how I got thay status? Being an unemployed adult squating in a house I had no business being in (toxic relationship) and drinking several 5 hour energies a day for months.

Final Fantasy XIV caused some major problems in my Marraige that is now over (different relationship).

Now I just don't play MMOs. I cannot resist the temptation so I avoid them.  Eventually the urge to become the best of the best destroys any casual intent I may have once had.

Even regular games leave me neesing to get a fix everyday or I get anxious. I am aware of it though and have learned to manage it properly. Gaming addiction is a real thing and not everyone is able to control it like I do now. It is about time this became a thing.

On another note, gaming has done a lot for me. Probably kept my sanity due to gaming in a very dark period of my life. So I by no means see gaming as bad, the opposite in fact. However I know first hand that too much of any good thing can be a bad thing.

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So that makes me a disabled individual since last week even though I still work, do my groceries, socialize with my family and friends. etc ...


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I'm fine with them listing Gaming Addiction as a disorder. It's obvious that someone who never bathes, is unemployed, and plays video games 12 hours out of the day has a problem.

What I'm not fine with is the potential for doctors with a bias to misdiagnose.

"What's that? Johnny spends 4 hours a night playing on XBL with his friends, and 16 hours on the weekends?Well Mrs. Johnnyson, as a certified medical specialist I can say that your Johnny has a serious problem playing 36 hours a week on games! What's that? He's a B student, and has plenty of friends at school? Those friends all play with him on XBL every night? Doesn't matter! He's clearly addicted and you should throw his Vidya game Xboxes out right away!"

*Two weeks later the same helicopter parent is complaining that Johnny spends all his time on some other random hobby.

"Doctor all he does is play MTG/DND all day! He's addicted again! Why can't he do something healthy like football? I mean that's a perfectly safe sport right?"

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