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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mega64 Game Awards 2017

Well VGChartz'ers another year has come and gone so that means it's that time again. I would've typed out the list but that would take away the fun.


TODD & AARON'S GAME AWARDS 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mega64

Last edited by deskpro2k3 - on 31 December 2017

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Biggest inspiration of the year - Harvey Weinstein

LMFAO fucking dying over that please never change Todd and Aaron.

lol Best Death

Holy shit. I forgot about Mega 64. I first saw them back in 2003 when EGM was packing bonus DVD's in with the magazine and they had their Shenmue bit on there. They had some other stuff too, but the Shenmue thing is what I remember the most. This vid was pretty good!

Chinese food for breakfast


lol worst game of the year