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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What were your favorite or highly favored games you played in 2017 (Can be Old and New games)

So what are some of the games you played this year (whether they be of this year or yesteryears) that you liked the most?

If you are one of few members who keep a score/do a review, you can add in your score as well or if you want to make a short summary of why you like the game, go for that as well!



Anyways, here's mine

Banjo-Tooie (N64) - 97
-One of the last few N64 games I bought - although it was a love/hate relationship with the first game, the second game I highly enjoyed and played it a few times, this year was my 4th playthrough of the game and I did it as a LP. I love the characters, worlds and the expanded gameplay with more abilities compared to the first game. The worlds were bigger and they had boss battles too which was great. Too bad a proper sequel was not made.....minus Grunty's Revenge on GBA which I will need to play eventually.

Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (Steam/PC) - 97
-Probably the fighting game I played the most since Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl. BBCSE is way up in the charts at favorite fighting games for me. There's a lot of different SP modes which will give you a lot of replay value however my favorite aspect is the Story mode which ironically isnt very strong in other fighting franchises but Blazblue does it great. In the form of a long visual novel, you play as a character in their PoV in the overall story and from time to time you get into fights and depending on how you do and what choices you make via the VN scenes, you can get multiple endings as well. Wish more fighters were like this - after finishing this, i'm excited for the series going forward, cant wait to play the 3rd game next year :)!

Bravely Second End Layer (3DS) - 97
-When I played Bravely Default back in 2014 for the first time I was blown away - it played like a old school FF game but with a twist when it came to combat. Although I enjoyed it, the 2nd half of the game was not so exciting. Bravely Second does it better by doing something similar but at the same time makes it not so repetitive as the first one. The overall cast of characters are much better and more colorful than the first (includes original characters and new characters) but the expanded Job system and the retaining "Fix your town" and overall gameplay system implemented makes the game worthwhile. Although the new OST was not as great as the original game's OST, I still enjoyed every single hour I clocked on this game. Hopefully we'll see a Bravely Third in the future.

CUPID - A free to play Visual Novel (Steam/PC) - 91
-2017 was the year I did a VN marathon, completed over 30 VNs but out of all the VNs I played, CUPID was the one that I enjoyed the most. Ironically even though its a VN, its not a Japanese VN - its a western VN with a western based story and character design. Dark and Gory storyline, at times its a jump scare, at other times its a mystery horror enticing you to play it again and again especially with its multiple endings (I think there were over 20 endings?). Anyways the writing, character design, music, everything was well done. This is especially surprising considering its a F2P VN and you dont have to pay a single penny to play it. You dont even need to have Steam to play it but I played it on Steam for the huge amount of achievements it has :P.

Disgaea PC (Steam/PC) - 99
-Disgaea 1 on PS2 was one of the longest games I played clocking over 300 hours trying to get multiple endings and such. I wanted to get into Afternoon of Darkness for the PSP but did not get the chance, however I was really happy when NISA announced Disgaea PC which is a enhanced port of the PSP version with some PC enabled upgrades. The game doesnt add any additional exclusive content however retains all the content from the PS2, PSP and even the DS versions all in one package. The new graphic options are welcoming especially the option to make the textures look better (however the menu shows numbers a color I would have changed for another personally) - that and the fact that there is a map or two with a random crashing bug that occurs when using certain moves makes it far from perfect. Regardless I clocked over 100 hours for the game and can see myself clocking even more in the future when I do future playthroughs.

Final Fantasy XV (PS4) - 89
-What can I say about this game. Its a mixed bag and the only game in this list that is less than a score of 90. Despite its ups and downs over the last couple of months, I enjoyed it. The game had a lot of fan service for the FF fans with a lot of monsters and designs coming back after many generations of not appearing in any FF games (Garula from FFV for an example). The constant updates every few weeks was annoying but at least it provided constant new content which was nice I guess. Though the story could have had more....meat to it, the game excels in the gameplay, music (not counting the old FF music), and overall exploration of the world. I enjoyed getting lost in the world and exploring through out the game's world. I however did not like Regalia....anyways it was a long journey but I managed to accomplish everything I wanted with this game - which included getting my first ever platinum trophy :)!

Freedom Planet (Steam/PC) - 97
-This game took me by surprise, its a indie game but it was as polished as one of the Genesis Sonic games but has more content and replay value. It has a well done storyline and fun boss battles too. Music is great too - cant wait for the sequel :D

Mass Effect 3 (Origin/PC) - 91
-Ahhh...the only western AAA game I have on this list but thats not too bad. Anyways the ME series blew me away when I first started the series back in 2014. I can honestly say that ME3 is the weakest of the 3 ME games. That doesnt make it necessarily a bad game though. The sheer amount of content you get with the DLCs (even though they are overpriced - I paid $15 for the base game's digital deluxe edition plus $50 for the story DLCs) and the long story arcs makes this game worth it. Though the game's story progression isnt as good as the first two games (and that ending....) I still love it. I'll be sure to do a ME marathon in the future more than once though ;).

Super Mario World (SNES) - 93
-My first game and this was like my 16th playthrough. I just love the overall design and structure of the world and stages. Yoshi's first mainline Mario game appearance and the non-ending nostalgia of watching the cartoons when I was younger fuels my interest in playing this game from time to time.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (3DS) - 94
-My first 3DS game - what I loved about this game was its the first 2D Zelda (that didnt have touchscreen gimmicks) that was released in a long time. Not only that but its a spiritual remake of ALttP (or could be a sequel to it). Fairly short and simple, I liked the gameplay mechanics, the new characters added along with the new story taking place in a familiar place. One of the best Zelda games I played on a portable nintendo system.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (WiiU) - 99
-My personal GOTY and the only game I paid full price ($60) in the 25+ years of gaming experience I had. I just fell in love with the game, its honestly my most favorite Zelda game even beating my previous favorite - Twilight Princess. The open world, the story, the characters, the difficulty spike compared to previous zelda games, the item/weapon system, the cleverly made puzzles in the trials and the nostalgic remixed music made this one of the best games I played.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) - 100
-I loved playing the N64 version of the game but unfortunately only was able to rent the game on N64, didnt get to own it till the 3DS. Its a huge improvement in terms of visuals compared to the original version. The overall adventure makes it one of the best games I played as well thus why I have it at the score it is on now.

The World Ends With You (NDS) - 91
-I'm not a fan of touchscreen controls but have to say this game took me by surprise. I'm a huge fan of Nomura's games (also games with him being the main art director as this game was). That is what honestly hooked me into the game - that and the fact that characters from this game appear in a Kingdom Hearts game :P. Anyways, I wasnt expecting to score the game so high considering I hate touchscreen games so much but I highly enjoyed the game for what it is. The story being very original, the characters being very interesting and the catchy music that plays throughout the game made sure any experience I had with the controls that were bad would be forgotten easily. The combat is nice despite you needing to swipe (and from time to time it sometimes wont read your input) - despite that I enjoyed the game very much. I know there's a iOS version with more content....I might end up getting it , hopefully they remake/remaster the game and release it on something much more polished when it comes to the Switch.

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I played (and in some cases, replayed) a bunch of Final Fantasy games in some pseudo-marathon I did this year. As such, titles I already loved like IV, VII, VIII, or new games I haven't tried before, like IX.

That's uhhh as far as it gets I think. Played some other games but I wouldn't call them "favourite or highly favored", such as Persona 4 or Vagrant Story.

I've been playing a lot of old games

Rune Factory 4
FE Echoes

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