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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Grade your 2017! And goals for 2018?

Will stick to Gaming and Life for now, might add more later or add to different threads.

Gaming: 9.5/10

Persona 5


Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain


Darksiders 2

League of Legends (got Ranked Plat IV)

Just Cause 3

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (Got the platinum trophy)

Metro Last Light

FFXIV Stormblood

Uncharted 4

Dying Light

Life: 8.5/10

Starting working out in May 2017, been at it ever since.

Finished 2 more semesters of university, only 1 left until graduation.

Finished a disciplinary streak from 2016 in February at 130 days.

Socialized a bit more, asked out a few girls, improved my clothing and overall look.

Ate better food and tried to cook new things.

Goals for 2018:

One armed pull-up


Get a job or gain life experience

Go to Japan again

Cook better

Play some of my most anticipated games like DQXI and DW9.

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Games: 9/10. Got pretty much any game I wanted... The Switch is amazing. PSVR is fun. I don't sit around with friends and play like in the N64 days, so that's why it's a 9.

Life 10/10. Lost 72 lbs so far. Cut off my hair which had been long since... forever. All new clothes, all new me.

Goals for 2018. Keep at it. Keep improving myself. I love who I am for the first time in a long time. And I keep pushing others around me to be their best too.

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Gaming: 10/10
-Finished 100 games, played a decent number of big titles on platforms I mainly play nowadays (PS4, 3DS and PC). Got my first platinum trophy (FFXV on PS4).

Life: 8/10
-Wife finally came to the US after a long Spouse visa wait. Learned a lot at my new job to further enhance my career line.  Still need to lose weight, get a house and build myself a new PC (personally for gaming and personally to learn how to build one up)


Goals for 2018
-Lose weight
-Have a child
-Build a PC
-Buy a House and/or Car


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gaming - 9/10

- got a switch
- got back into gaming
- 40k gamerscore ;D

Life - 10/10

- Went outside
- Touched a female's hand once
- Made eye contact with a female
- Had social interactions with females (said "hi" to one once)
- Went on a date (private minecraft server)

Goals for 2018

-hit 20k posts on vgc

iceland said:
- Touched a female's hand once


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fory77 said:
iceland said:
- Touched a female's hand once


you mean "goals"

iceland said:
fory77 said:


you mean "absolutely disgusting"


2017 was the worst for me since 2003. My goal for 2018 is to quit picking nose once and for all.

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Happy new year everyone

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Gaming: 9/10

Got the best console of all time (Switch), and played some of the best games of all time on it (BotW, Odyssey, Shovel Knight).

Life: 7/10

+Got graduated from high school.
+Got a lot of money from a great holiday job.
-I also got another job, it was terrible and at the minimum wage.
-I have even less social contact now.


I'll try to fail as few subjects as possible.