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Forums - Sony Discussion - Bloodborne: How to fight NEW Bosses who were cut off from the game with PS+ and a USB stick

So the Bloodborne community has found something again, how you can fight bosses who were cut off from the game

How Do I Use These Glyphs To Access The Bosses?

Great question! You can following the steps below to meet your prey. 

1. Backup your data using a USB or Playstation Plus Online Cloud. You will get stuck in the dungeons, and your data may be corrupted, so this is important!

2. Head up to an empty Ritual Altar in Hunter’s Dream

3. Bring up the search*

4. Enter one of the following codes/Glyphs:

“arkhv2vs” for the Great One Beast

“sikgc3sm” for the Moon Presence variant 

“m2vgwtjf” for Mergo’s Wet Nurse variant

5. Enjoy!

*I cant remember for certain but i am pretty sure you need also PS+ in order to use codes for chalice dungeons as this was intended to share your chalice dungeon with others


It corrupts your save file after that so make a backup on a USB stick