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Forums - Website Topics - Is this website becoming dangerous?

From last couple of days my McAfee WebAdvisor has started giving me warning messages that this website is dangerous and suspicious. Then today i just stopped for a moment and i realised there is very little content space is left and most of it is advertisement. 

Is there any owner or team maintaining or owning this website?

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I don't see that.

Just do what the rest of us do install ad blocker.

This site is the sole reason I installed on in the first place.



The ads are sketchy af. Install an adblocker.

Even Google had said the site is potentially dangerous before :p

Just use an Adblocker since ads here are really bad

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If anything, it's becoming less dangerous thanks to the work being done. For now, it sounds slightly dangerous though - just not for me because I block the ads.

Ad block yo.

Yeah, it's annoying. Now I have to close 2 ads and McAfee everytime I load a page.

Dunno how you've been on VGC without adblock all this time :O

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I remember back in the day you would get banned if you used Adblocker ok the site and admited it.
Now there is literally no choice! I had to get adblocker on my iPhone just because the adverts made it so hard to use this site!

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