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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch has already outsold Wii U lifetime in Japan

In it's entire lifespan of over 4 years, Wii U sold 3.3 million units in Japan.

Its successor has overtaken this figure, in less than 10 months.

EDIT: On further investigation and tracing this news back to its source, the original article jumped the gun somewhat, as it cites Famitsu sales up to the 24th of Dec, at which point Switch was just 10k shy of Wii U's total. Nevertheless, in the 6 days since then the system will have sold far more than 10k, so the statement still stands even if the cited figures don't reflect it.

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It did everything better, so congrats to the switch.


According to Media Create, it still needs something like ~150k to pass Wii U which may or may not happen next week.

Regardless, it absolutely smashed Wii U sales in roughly 10 months.

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That's nice!

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Man these guys had a Gamespot moment.

Optimist take: "Just shows how impressive the Switch is."

Pessimist take: "Just shows how lame the Wii U was."

But what about worldwide? Am hoping Switch will completely overtake the Wii U by year's end.

It will beat WW LT within the first year too, by the look of things

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Wyrdness said:

Man these guys had a Gamespot moment.


Hardware with news like this deserves to be on the front page, like it is. Nice.