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Forums - General Discussion - Is this a good workout plan?

Every minute of the day counts. 1 min is equal to 1 push up or 1 situp, 1 mile running equals 1 hour of the day.


So everyday I need to do enough push ups, situps, or miles to stay ahead of this plan. Opinions?


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24 miles or 1440 sit ups, this is very lopsided as 1 mile is a lot harder work than 60 sit ups or push ups. better off getting a solid mix that is achievable. 24 miles is lot of hours of running. I guess it depends how fit you are, personally your numbers would be a recipe for failure for me as I would not do the running as an hour of situps or pushups is far easier than 5 hours of running.

I agree that 60 pushups or 60 situps is much easier than running a mile.

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Not effective. As you say, every minute of the day counts, so pick the training methods that are most effective, ie. gives the most result per minute spent. For cardio, do intervalls.

4 high intensity running periods that last for 4 minutes each, with 2 minute breaks between each one. Do that 3 or 4 times a week and you'll have great cardio in no time at all.

For strength, without going into too much detail - the fastest way to become stronger is by doing few, but very heavy reps, while if you want to build muscle mass you need more reps. So you should do a combination of the two - have some sets of few, very heavy reps, and some sets of more, easier reps.

Good luck

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Lol 24 miles a day?! Is that even possible to do everyday for a week?

Maybe you misunderstand. There are 2400 monutes in a day so the combination of sit ups, pushups, and miles ran eill knock this down for me.


Pull ups are one of the best workouts bar none. They engage a series of muscles that is rivaled by no other excersise...including planks...which are very underrated. Here's what you do...first buy a pull up bar from can get one for under 25 dollars...and it will pay for itself in no time...

Start with 50 pullups a day. 200 pushups and 200 squats. When you achieve this goal...send me a pm and I'll have you looking like Hulk Hogan in a few months....

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In all seriousness...calisthenics are the way to go to build raw muscle. It's all about tearing the muscle and regeneration. If you're have to incorporate edurance excersises...if underweight...incorporate light weights. attention to your own body. No two are alike...only you can truly know what excersises and routine are sutiable and achievable.

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