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I almost never like to state my opinions as facts. However my one exception is Celsius being better than Fahrenheit. I mean, who could think the opposite? 

Let's compare the basics. Celsius freezes at 0 and boils at 100. Fahrenheit freezes at 32 and boils at 212. Celsius is more logical.

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Celsius scale feels too small to me personally, Fahrenheit gives you more room without relying on decimals.

Your thread really should be "Fact: metric is better than imperial."

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DD/MM/YY makes way more sense than MM/DD/YY, I always mix up the dates when looking at the latter.

Of course, it's just like meter >>>>>> foot

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Vini256 said:
DD/MM/YY makes way more sense than MM/DD/YY, I'll never not mix the dates up when looking at the latter.

I agree with that. The fourth day of the fifth month makes more sense than saying the fifth month of the fourth day.

You have good taste.

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I agree on metric measurements and dating above, but from a human perspective discussing the weather I like a system of 0 to 100 that is based on comfort. In science I agree Celsius makes far more sense.

Below 0 (Really cold)
0-20 (Cold)
21-40 (Cool)
41-60 (Moderate)
61-80 (Warm)
81-100 (Hot)
Above 100 (Really Hot)

Completely agreed.

Yeah but.... Kelvin is even better!

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