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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GOD of WAR vs. SPIDERMAN

next year we will see release 2 very big games for the ps4, but what game will have the bigger impact if we are speaking of sales? 


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With Marvel's marketing - Spider Man (3.5-4m FM, 8-10m FY).

GoW (2.5-3m FM, 6-7m FY)

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Probably Spider Man. I mean, PS4 already has God of War, and even for those that didn't re-buy GOW3 if they enjoyed the GOW games on PS3 you'd assume many of them would have upgraded to a PS4 already by now. While there isn't really any Spider Man on PS4 yet, and is also part of a huge franchise as well.

Seeing as it isn't a "movie based" spider-man but an actual one - Spiderman,

All the hype for the game.

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I think it will be a close win for GoW, unless there's a new Spiderman movie coming next year?

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I'm personally most hyped for Spider-Man. I could see God of War doing better overall though.

God of war better reviews but spider man open world is more my thing and I believe it will sell more especially to the demographic who still not own a PS4 yet.

Spider-Man will probably sell more (could sell huge numbers), and God of War gets better Metascore (both will get good reviews). I am equally excited for both games.

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I think God of War will edge out Spider-Man but it will be close.

So far the bestselling Spider-Man game sold 4.5m on PS2 and God of War III sold around 6.5m on PS3 (still under-tracked gave up that fight years ago). I think both upcoming games will sell better than those did and the gap will be closer.

PS4 players will be happy either way!

I think Spiderman will sell more mainly because Sony won't be the only company advertising the game. Both games should be close, though.