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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Sales 25 November 2017

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
976,520 422,496 27,167 1,657,712
838,425 200,464 397 1,138,556
504,563 165,062 142,734 897,587
219,146 116,003 34,402 396,971
1,277 3,917 5,502 12,340
336 306 93 846
206 289 41 684
345 136 N/A 555
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Huge sales all around, holidays are very fun for numbers

** REMINDER ** - As I was advised, some hardware adjustments are incoming. So these are temporary!


Impressive sales all around. That PS4 Black Friday bump, though.....WOW. Such a beast!

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

Great numbers overall. Impressive to see 3DS still able to move 400k a week.
Switch did great too but Black Friday is more discount friendly and it had none.

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Is that black friday week? Or was that the next week?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Ka-pi96 said:

Is that black friday week? Or was that the next week?

Black Friday.


PS4 dominating thanks to the power of Kingdom Hearts.

holy shit for ps4, amazing numbers, but congratulation to all 3 😊

PS4 total juuuuust shy of reaching 3DS total.