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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone here using Unity to create games?

This is kind of a rant...

So - I'm currently trying to develop a game using Unity. The problem: my experience in programming limits to playing with basic on C64 every now and then circa 1990 or so.

Now when I come home from work, I usually start watching Unity or Playmaker tutorials on Youtube and try to get something done on Unity - sometimes I manage to take a step forward and some other day take two steps back. The project I'm working with is so small scale, that it's not impossible to get it done without a proper programmer.

Why I'm doing it alone - I'm not. I'm with a friend who takes care of the audio, but he can't program any more than I do. A programmer isn't easy to find on "profit sharing" projects - fun projects, yes - but once the talk is about making money and starting a business, it is when everyone starts losing their interest.

What pisses me off the most? If I had spent all the time I spent looking for a programmer, to actually learn to program the game, it had been ready six months ago.

Anyone else trying to create their first game(s) or anyone have a good advise on how to get started with Unity?

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