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Forums - Sony Discussion - Tokyo Xanadu Ex+: Yes or No? What is your rating for this?

Tokyo Xanadu Ex+: A game that reminds me a little bit of "persona"-games (soundtracks & character-design). But it is quite unknown. There are not many reviews. I'm not sure how the gameplay is like (the fights-system is not my taste). But is the story good enough and the characters interesting ? Did you play it ? What's your rating for Tokyo Xanadu Ex + ? 1- 10 Points are possible, 10 is very awesome.


overall ??

Should I buy this game, yes or no? The Games LineUp for 2018 is gigantic & I do not know if I really need Tokyo Xanadu now ( if it's good enough?). I need more impressions.

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Havent played it but will get it on PC.

Looks good but low priority purchase due to other games coming out on both PS4 and PC :P


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