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Forums - General Discussion - What did you get for Christmas?

Or are you about to get or if you want,  what did you get someone else that may be cool?


I got myself an Amazon echo. Been having fun with it all day!


And my favorite toys for the kids is the Nerf bow and arrow dart shooter. Super accurate and strong. 

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The Nonary Games Trilogy
Danganronpa V3

I got Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Super Mario Odyssey, Vagrant Story and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Forbidden Memories, while my brother got Xenogears, Tekken and Metroid: Samus Returns.

Got MK8D, a Towel, 3 Handkerchiefs, and gifts from my Mom in Sweden which my bro will bring with him when he gets home this January.


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Not too much game related but I am excited about Skyrim on the Switch. 

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I got my christmas day on March 3rd.

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I got nothing directly gaming related. But, I got some Hue lighting stuff, a second Google Home mini, a table to sit next to my grill, a bunch of candy, some new towels, am awesome back massage thing to put in my gaming chair, and a few other little things. The best gift of all is yet to come though - I'm off work this week, and my wife is going out of town for three days, starting tomorrow!

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition PS4, Raiden DX PS1, Twinkle Star Sprites Saturn and Glass Rose for PS2.

A new Fitbit, an Amazon Echo, a GPS tracker for my cat, and some new workout clothes.

Only gaming related thing was a Nintendo eShop card, which I used on the Xenoblade 2 Expansion pass. I’m more than satisfied overall though.

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