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Who else would like to see Fortnite Battle Royale arrive on the Nintendo Switch?!

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If it can handle it, maybe. Depends on if Nintendo stops making failed attempts at solving a problem that's had a solution since OG Xbox: Voice Chat.

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Playing this without voice chat would be tragic so no.

It's one of my favourite games on ps4. Runs really well. I hardly ever play solo but I actually won 2 solo games in a row recently.

Isn't that what Crazy Justice is for?

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Can it even run well on the Switch?

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It's not a very demanding game so I don't see why not. If Nintendo was smart they will try hard to get this game on there. I played it and I can see the appeal. No motion controls then no buy (in this case no play since it is free to play). I think I rather play Splatoon.

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jason1637 said:
Can it even run well on the Switch?

If programmed well, yes.

Hell no! It looks like a shitty game when my kids play it on their PS4.

I didn't know it had a voice chat.

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jason1637 said:
Can it even run well on the Switch?

Unreal Engine is what the game runs on. More so this is an Epic Games creation and they have developed the platform from ground up.

I think it’s possible to run this game at least at 720/30fps.


if Doom and Wolfenstein II can run on the system, a lower graphically intense game can.

I am not a fan of the Battle royal game play but I know others are and I don't see the Switch getting PUBG anytime soon so sure. Although I am guessing some of the developers are awaiting to see how Nintendo handles voice chat before deciding if there games would work on the system where that isn't a 'viable' feature.

Which if the rumors of Nintendo delaying their online service launch to fall or late 2018 are true then it is something they are still working on.