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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default Twitter wishes followers a Switch-themed “Happy Merry Christmas”

I Just wish a new Bravely game to Switch, the first two games are really great!


Bravely Default series coming to Switch?

The official Bravely Default Twitter account has posted an image of character Edea Lee wishing followers a “Happy Merry Christmas.” Edea is holding a pair of Switch Joy-Cons, and there is a Switch in the stocking behind her.

The Bravely Default team is currently working on Project Octopath Traveler for Switch. The image, however, is leading some to speculate the Bravely Default series will come to Switch.

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That'd be really cool, I'm already mega hyped for Project Octopath Traveler, but a new Bravely Default, or heck, even enhanced ports of the 3DS games, would be great!

I REALLY hope they make a Bravely Third for the Switch, it would sooooooo incredibly fantastic.

Its fun to speculate, but don't get your hopes up just yet.

Man, that makes me even more excited to see what they'll do after Octopath Traveler is out.

Bravely Third anyone ?!

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I wouldn't mind Ports of the first two to be honest lol. I bought both of them for 3ds, but couldn't really get into them. This was not because the games sucked, but I just couldn't get into handheld gaming anymore. I would surely play them on the big screen.

A new bravely default would also be welcome of course. Nice to see switch getting more great rpgs.
Now if only they could revive the golden sun series lol.

Don't think it's anything more than just an image

A well designed one

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Hoping to be ports of 1+2 bundled, and then a third in development. One can dream right?

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I wonder why it says "Happy merry Christmas!" instead of just Merry Christmas?

Paatar said:
Hoping to be ports of 1+2 bundled, and then a third in development. One can dream right?

It happened with Bayonetta, but thats Ninty, not SE