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Forums - Sales Discussion - New sales data for a bunch of third-party Switch games in Japan

Note that the all information is based on data up to December 3.

The latest issue of Nintendo Dream has an update on the sales of a bunch of third-party Switch games in Japan. We have the latest sales data for bigger titles like Monster Hunter XX and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, plus data for some smaller releases such as LEGO City Undercover.

Here’s the full listing:

Monster Hunter Double Cross: Nintendo Switch Ver. (Capcom) – 84,277 / 173,823

Super Bomberman R (Konami) – 36,623 / 116,911

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II for Nintendo Switch (Square Enix) – 25,606 / 72,514

Fire Emblem Warriors (Koei Tecmo) – 41,491 / 62,105

Puyo Puyo Tetris S (Sega) – 12,854 / 61,748

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch (Bandai Namco Games) – 24,045 / 61,475

Seiken Densetsu Collection (Square Enix) – 29,564 / 49,129

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Capcom) – 16,404 / 35,956

FIFA 18 (Electronic Arts) – 12,616 / 32,896

Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker (Square Enix) – 7,447 / 23,661

Dragon Quest X: All in One Package (Square Enix) – 9,482 / 23,484

Dragon Quest X: 5000-nen no Harukanaru Kokyou e Online (Square Enix) – 18,444 / 21,793

Disgaea 5 Complete (Nippon Ichi Software) – < 5,481 / 19,978

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (Marvelous) - 10,247 / 18,891

I am Setsuna (Square Enix) - < 5,481 / 17,933

LEGO City Undercover (Warner Entertainment Japan) - 5,351 / 17,025

One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition (Bandai Namco Games) - 4,652 / 12,223

Cars 3: Driven to Win (Warner Entertainment Japan) - 3,220 / 11,229

Lost Sphear (Square Enix) - 5,770 / 11,097 

Source 1, Source 2 and Source 3


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I'm surprised that the only game other than Mh that reached the 100k was Bomberman. I wonder if Konami will try other things, a compilation of all the DS games would be a cheap way to bring Castlevania to the console. And Contra 4, still haven't tried it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Low numbers overall, but third parties only got themselves to blame.

Make a real effort!

The smaller games have smaller sales, the bigger games that are late ports or re-iterations have mediocre sales, really this isn't that surprising. I still think it's a little weak, but whatever. Decent sales. FE Warriors numbers are terrible though

32k for FIFA is decent.

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Feel like it's worth noting that Japanese games do not need to sell as much, particularly if one does the 'Switch fills Vita Japanese Niche' talk'

On the Vita, the sales of One Piece World Red are .15 million, and Fate/Excella .14 million. By VGC numbers Fate's nearly passed that on the Switch with a lot less time.

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

No Pokken? Does that not count? That passed 120k in JP.

No proper MH, DQ or Yo-kai game have released in JP yet, so don't expect too much yet.

I think Prof Layton/Phoenix Wright should be coming, those have decent legs

Can't think of other non-exclusives that can hit over 500k in JP tho. Nintendo will carry as usual.

But it'd be interesting to see how a GTA 5 port would do there.