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Forums - Sony Discussion - Granblue Fantasy: Project Re: Link Ps4 new Trailer

everytime i see this games, i can't wait that this game will release, and knowing platinum games is involved too is a good sign...

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Never heard of it but it looks pretty cool, any idea if it's coming to the west?

That was pretty hype. I remember granblue having a massive display at tgs 2 years back. A ship!

This could be biggish for PS4 in Japan. That footage was hype.

The gane is sure looking very good!

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

love the graphics and all the animations are really fluid, just a tiny bit sad that everything has to have real time combat these days (afaik the original one is turn-based)

but I really like that finally someone uses funds acquired through ludicrous profits on smart devices to make a big budget console game

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Looking great. I want Sony to approach Type-Moon to publish and co-develop a proper high budget Fate/ game in a similar vein. Preferably with more tactical focus but I wouldn't complain either way. I mean Fate Grand Order is one of the highest grossing mobile games in Japan and it's published by Sony.

Jesus ps4 support next year is off the charts.

Bristow9091 said:
Never heard of it but it looks pretty cool, any idea if it's coming to the west?

as platinum games is involved and looks like a big project the chances we will see it in the west i think are really high

Been following this for a bit - excited to see how the end product turns out.


Basil's YouTube Channel


It looks gorgeous, i want it.