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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 3 favorite psone jrpg's you would see as ps4 remaster collection


arc the lad

brave fencer musashi

crono cross

final fantasy 7 - 9


the legend of dragoon

legend of legaia

lunar silver star story

parasite eve

star ocean second story

threads of fate

vagrant story

valkyrie profile

wild arms




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I'd rather have remakes or sequels than remasters. Where is my Valkyrie Profile 3 goddammit?

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1) Persona 2 ("part1 - Innocent sin" & "part2 - Eternal punishment")
2) Chrono Cross
3) the legend of dragoon

Obviously the trinity: FF7, 8 and 9.

But 2 of those are already on PSN for PS4. Would still love to see them all on a physical disc collection.

The lack of Suikoden is just saddening, was Alundra a JRPG? never played the first but considered Alundra 2 to be an action/adventure with some rpg elements I guess.

1. Suikoden
2. Chrono Cross
3. Legend of Dragoon

Edit: Breath of Fire as well.

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Vagrant Story

That game really needs a remake

Why does Arc the Lady looks like Ging from Hunter x Hunter?
Also, Xenogears is closely resembling tenchi muyo

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Dam al those were on the ps1. The ps1 was a beast.

vivster said:
I'd rather have remakes or sequels than remasters. Where is my Valkyrie Profile 3 goddammit?

the one leads often times to the other tough

alundra should just straight up be remade.
horizon or gravity daze 2 engine.