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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Overwatch custom games?

So, custom games in overwatch -- More specifically, boss rooms.  Does anyone ever poke around in them?  Personally, got tired of Reinhardt boss rooms, and I also got tired of playing competition matches a while ago.

I had issues with people disabling character and abilities, instead of creating balance.

So, about 4 months ago, I went snooping online, and found an article describing things you could do to get started.  Curious, I scrolled down to any mention of D.Va, and it said to not even attempt to use D.Va as a boss.

Being a D.Va main, that wasn't going to fly with me, so I got started, with the idea of going beyond what most people would be bothered with.  No disabled characters, or abilities, and make everyone faster, stronger and better.

So, with the exception of things that would become broken, "such as Ana's sleep,"  Everyone has been improved.  Faster movement, ult charages, ETC.

Honestly, playing D.Va so much, I would get bored.  But, that doesn't stop the masses of people coming in complaining, because, "why doesn't mercy heal faster."

For those who would like to play, I'm on PC, and my battletag is: Typhoon#11734

I've been wanting to potentially do other rooms, but this one has been lots of work, and doing another of this scale (it would have to be) would take lots of work.  One day, though.

What's everyone's opinion on custom games?  If this thread is still fresh, you should be able to find my room.